Styrene by Paul Cocksedge – eco-friendly and stylish lighting idea


Styrene by Paul Cocksedge will thrill and attract you as a conception, if you are eagerly looking for an eco-friendly and stylish lighting idea. This is an awesome and extremely innovative lamp that could fit to your original and creative home interior design.

Styrene by Paul Cocksedge – why to pick up


You may wonder why we present to you exactly this lighting idea, especially if the market is full of numerous stunning, extra ordinary and efficient lamps. The reason why we put the Styrene by Paul Cocksedge on pedestal is because it is both – eco-friendly and striking for a more original interior design. Take a good look at this lamp – doesn’t it remind you of a disco ball? Or don’t you think that is quite elegant, but not too much for your minimalist living room or high tech kitchen? And don’t you agree that today`s pieces of furniture, home decors, and other domestic equipments should be all made from eco-friendly materials. Well, the Styrene by Paul Cocksedge is here as a complex of all your needs, tastes, and preferences for your personal home arrangement.

Styrene by Paul Cocksedge – short review


The Styrene lamp is made by the English designer Paul Cocksedge. The origin of this amazing lighting idea is situated in London borough of Hackney. At first, the lamp was made for a graduation piece of work. With such an original lighting idea, the English designer Paul Cocksedge had become a famous artistic designer before he graduated. This happened in 2002, but today in 2012, the Styrene lamp by Paul Cocksedge is something more than a graduation work.

The incredible and brilliant Styrene lamp is made from eco-friendly materials only. You may have already guessed what these materials – the cup next to the lamp on the pictures have may hinted you the main idea. Yes, the Styrene lighting set is constructed from heat-shrunk plastic cups.


The Styrene lamp is one of the first products, coming straight from the new online shop, which Paul Cocksedge has recently opened. The online store provides the audience with a full range of goods that will definitely remind you of the Styrene lighting idea. They are eco-friendly, innovative, and cool.

Styrene by Paul Cocksedge – suitable and superb


Getting the superb Styrene lamp you should not have any concerns about the place or room at home, where you can situate it. The point is that this lighting idea is practical and compact enough to look gorgeous in any premise, corner or zone you can imagine. Just try – replace the situation of the Styrene lamp from one to another and you will convince in this.

Of course, the most suitable interior design styles for your brand new Styrene lamp at home are the minimalism, high-tech, and neo-classicism. Try to combine the lighting set by Paul Cocksedge with an elegant acrylic table and low stools with real leather damask in electric green in your living room – the effect will be really artistic and original. You may install the lamp in your bedroom, too. Combine it with a simple vanity and a refined carpet with silver motives. The Styrene lamp by Paul Cocksedge could be also used as a main lighting in the kitchen – right above the dining table with the crystal vases.


eco-friendly lamp from heat-shrunk plastic cups



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