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Lamps and lighting are crutial for the good home interior. The project that we will focus on today is stunning, creative and innovative! This lamp does beat all odds. This incredible work of art is called “Babele lamp”, it is designed by Manifattura Italiana Design, and has the silhouette of a regular classic lamp. However, that’s probably the only thing the classic lamp and the Babele lamp have in common. Made entirely of wooden sections this lamp can be reassembled in many different forms and  shapes which allows the light to come through the gaps in the most original and beautiful way.

Innovative lamps and lighting design idea

incredible office living room lamp

In order to create good home atmosphere you need furniture but you also need lamps and lighting. This is not just a plain lamp; it is an object in constant motion. It allows you to play with it arrange it and yet it can be just as simple as any regular lamp. Incredible – that’s the word to describe it. The creative genius has once again proven that the most amazing inspirational works are the ones that seem to be the most simple.  This lamp by Manifattura Italiana Design is just made of oval shaped wooden sections that looks like a Lego construction, but when put together by the architectural mind, they become something very special.

Incredible lamps and lighting solution

unique babele lamp creative light solution

The Babele Lamp is a lovely addition to everyhome or office interior’s lamps and lighting solutions Because of its clean and classy design, it can go together with every contemporary home décor. And because it is made of the finest material with exceptional quality it is very stable and there is absolutely no chance of disassembling it without being able to assemble it back. Its original design and fascinating look makes it a total eye-catcher and it will be the first thing your guests notice when they walk into your living room. Besides its fascinating look, the lamp is very practical; with its soft light it can create a lovely romantic, intimate ambiance. One simply can’t resist adding a little character to the interior.

Made with exceptional quality materials this reconstructive lamp is simply a work of art 

incredibly creative lamp design solution

The Babele lamp can be deconstructed and constructed again 

reconstructive design pieces babele lamp

You can choose your own lamp design and lighting with Babele lamp 

amazing lamps lighting design solution

Modern lighting for every contemporary office or home interior 

incredible reconstructive design lamps lighting idea

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