Swarovski chandeliers – a timeless symbol of luxury and elegance

swarovski chandelier eyris duo pedant detail

The world-famous company Swarovski has become popular with its elegant and innovative decorations and home accessories. They offer different items that are made with lots of attention to the detail. We will show you the work of the talented designers who created exceptional Swarovski chandeliers with contemporary design and modern lines.

 Swarovski chandeliers – a rich history behind modern lighting ideas

Swarovski chandelier design blossom series deatail

Since the beginning in 1895 when Daniel Swarovski invented a machine that made cutting crystals much more precise than traditional manual methods, the story of the company sounds like a fairy tale. In 1965 Swarovski began producing crystals and crystal elements for chandeliers which were sold to other chandelier makers until they decided to make their own crystal chandeliers. Nowadays Swarovski is a family owned company with 75 factories and the technological information is still a secret. Swarovski chandeliers have become symbolic for their mesmerizing appearance and luxurious design.

 Swarovski chandeliers – make your home a shiny jewel

Contemporary chandeliers modern pendant lamps by Swarovski

For centuries, the crystal chandeliers are not just lighting but a gorgeous jewelry that blends the colors of light. Heavy crystal chandeliers became popular in the Renaissance and reached its peak in the Baroque and Rococo. The chandeliers were crafted by using thousands of crystals which symbolized wealth. Modern Swarovski chandeliers will be a spectacular accent in every home. Designers continue to experiment with the aesthetic beauty of crystals and present stunning crystal chandelier designs.

 modern pendant chandeliers Swarovski floating chandelier circle

One of the most spectacular Swarovski chandeliers is the famous Circle pendant light. Weightless, almost magically floating in space, in the form of ring it is illuminated from the inside out by LED lights.

 Amazing Swarovski chandelier Cascade modern LED chandeliers

Cascade is a LED crystal pendant lamp, designed by Vincent Van Duysen. The chandelier has a distinctive modernity and impressive vision.

 swarovski chandelier designs blossom

Swarovski Blossom Chandelier, inspired by Tord Boontje, is an amazingly soft and romantic, refined and modern chandelier, enhancing the beauty of the crystals and the colors. LED lamps are placed next to the crystals and create a magical ambience.

 modern home lighting Swarovski chandelier crystalon detail

Swarovski Crystalon Pendant features a simple structure with asymmetrical configuration of crystals mixed with hexagonal rings of stainless steel. The exciting and dynamic design is available in different size, crystal color and LED color options.

 Casino royale crystal chandelier Swarovski chandelier

Casino Royale is, of course inspired by the James Bond and the design is by Lenny Kravitz. The chandelier is ultra-modern with impressive visual appeal.

 Crystalline icicles contemporary crystal chandeliers by Swarovski

Swarovski Crystalline icicles will add a dazzling look in modern interiors. The stainless Steel finish will be a complement for the decor of contemporary homes.

blossom chandelier Swarovski contemporary home lighting

Swarovski chandelier – Empire

Modern crystal chandeliers Swarovski chandelier Empire

Modern crystal chandeliers Swarovski chandelier Empire detail

Crystalon pendant chandelier in contemporary dining room

modern home lighting Swarovski chandelier crystalon

Casino Royale – modern and luxury chandelier

swarovski casino royale lenny cravitz design crystal chandelier

Circle chandelier – elegant and floating in mid-air

spectacular chandeliers modern pendant chandeliers Swarovski circle

 Swarovski chandelier – Mosaix series

contemporary design Swarovski chandelier mosaix collection

Swarovski mosaix pendant chandelier black finish

Еyris by Swarovski

modern pendant chandelier eyris by Swarovski

 Еyris duo

dazzling swarovski crystal chandelier eyris duo modern home lighting

modern lighting ideas swarovski verve pendant

ultra modern pendant chandelier by Swarovski octa single

minimalist pendant octa by Swarovski

contemporary lighting ideas Octa colelction Swarovski lighting solutions

Crystalline icicles triple pendant contemporary chandeliers Swarovski-crystals

Modern chandelier design Swarovski chandeliers Apta series

modern home lighting chandelier design Swarovski single pendant

modern home lighting chandelier design Swarovski triple pendant

Swarovski pentant chandeliers modern design home lighting

swarovski pendant lamp modern design crystal chandeliers led lights

Swarovski INLAY penadant gold finish modern home lighting ideas

Swarovski INLAY penadant black finish contemporary home lighting

Swarovski chandelier Crystalon modern pendant lamp design

Swarovski chandelier APTA modern pendant lamps

pendant lamp contemporary crystal chandeliers led lights

contemporary hcandeliers Swarovski crystals

blossom crystal chandelier elegant modern chandelier design

blossom chandelier night blossom spring blossom Swarovsky crystal chandeliers

Swarovski chandelier design blossom series autumn blossom

pink blossom chandelier Swarovski chandelier dining room lighting


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