How to choose rustic lighting – tips and ideas for your rustic decor

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How you choose the right lighting is an issue for every homeowner. Rustic lighting fixtures are an important part of the rustic decor in the living room, bedroom, bathroom or kitchen.

living room decor antler chandelier rustic interior stone fireplace

The fact that the furniture is important is indisputable, especially when you want to create a certain theme with a certain visual aesthetics.

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The decorative elements are the tiny details that can enhance your idea or ruin it all and lighting can complement your decor or create a wrong impression.

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That is why choosing the proper lighting is of great significance.

 Rustic lighting fixtures – materials and designs

rustic lighting wrought iron chandelier hand woven carpet rustic bedroom

When choosing rustic lighting we want to bring Nature indoors. The lighting fixtures in rustic style comply to the general rule of using natural materials and as many hand crafted items as possible.

 rustic lighting ideas antler chandelier brick accent wall rustic bedroom design

Rustic light fixtures are made from different materials – wrought iron and wood are amongst the most popular ones but other materials like copper or brass are also used to create a rustic feel. A wrought-iron chandelier for example, is the perfect addition to a this timber-framed living room and a stone fireplace.

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Real or faux antlers are also very popular in rustic lighting and very often are an eye catching element of the room interior.

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As far as design themes are concerned, many lighting fixtures feature wildlife, trees, canoes or animals.

How to choose the size of rustic lighting fixtures?

rustic living room design ideas stone fireplace wooden mantle chandelier

When choosing the size of rustic lighting fixtures, you need to think of the size of the room. If you are choosing lights for a large room, you’d better opt for a chandelier.

 rustic living room romantic lighting candles chandelier

They look really classy in living rooms or dining rooms and immediately attract the attention.

 Living room ideas rustic style decor tiered chandelier white sofa

Antler chandeliers or wrought iron chandeliers have a spectacular appearance in rooms with vaulted or cathedral ceilings. To create an intimate and cozy atmosphere in smaller rooms, use wall sconces or table lamps.


DIY rustic lighting fixtures tree branch bulbs

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Dining room decorating ideas rope chandelier rustic wood dining table solid wood

Dining room lighting ideas rustic decor home lighting ideas


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