Elemental Contemporary Lighting by Ross Lovegrove for Artemide

Modern lighting design ideas

This captivating light design is also a fascinating piece of suspended sculpture.  It is called the Mercury Light and was designed by British designer Ross Lovegrove for Artemide.  The lamp is named after an intriguing chemical element also known as ‘quicksilver’. This elemental contemporary lighting fixture could also have has cosmic associations due to the planet of the same name.


Elemental Contemporary Lighting –Mercury Light designed by Ross Lovegrove for Artemide

Mercury light design

Artists and designers are continually seeking new sources of inspiration for their work.  Ross Lovegrove is no different.  Lovegrove is a talented creator and many of his designs are derived from phenomena observed in the natural world, linked to scientific knowledge and technological processes.

Elemental Contemporary Lighting Connects Science to Art

Elemental contemporary lighting

Mercury is an intriguing chemical element that occurs naturally.  It has the most remarkable, mesmerizing properties.  Mercury is a metal, but unusually, at normal room temperatures it behaves as a liquid.  The appearance of this material is of a dense silvery fluid which forms into soft drips while mobile. But this fascinating lustrous metal will also sit in rounded forms, similar to those displayed on the Mercury Lamp, when left on an undisturbed level surface.

Elemental Contemporary Lighting or Captivating Sculpture

Modern lamp design idea

Blurring the distinction between Fine Art and Applied Art, these elemental contemporary lighting designs sit firmly between the two. The Mercury Lamp is available in two versions,  a suspension unit and a ceiling composition. It has been described as

“A ceiling fixture that places a floating assembly of large pebbles below a simple modern aluminium disc.”

The Mercury Lamp – Elemental Contemporary Lighting

Stylish lighting design

The metallic ‘pebbles’ clearly resemble drops of mercury in an undisturbed state. The lustrous surface also closely imitates the metallic element. These suspended drops reflect light, they reflect each other and also a distorted shifting view of their surroundings. Light rebounds between their smooth “biomorphic” surfaces creating a fascinating visual effect. By day, when the lighting unit isn’t used for practical purposes, the Mercury Lamp becomes a mystical sculptural art form that provides a powerful focal point in the living environment.

Contemporary Lighting Design

Stunning Mercury lamp design

This elemental contemporary lighting fixture provides indirect halogen lighting for an ambient effect.  Thankfully, as mercury is a highly toxic substance, the Mercury Lamp is made from safe materials including moulded thermoplastic, aluminium and polished chrome.

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 Beautiful Contemporary Lighting by Artemide

 Contemporary Mercury lamp design by Ross Lovegrove


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