Cosmic Lighting Designs by Ross Lovegrove for Artemide

Futuristic lightings


Italian brand Artemide commissioned London based designer Ross Lovegrove to design a new lighting range for them, the resulting cosmic lighting designs were seriously ‘out of this world’.


Cosmic Lighting Designs by Ross Lovegrove

Modern lighting designs

Appearing to be a fusion of organic forms with the most up to date technology, these cosmic lighting designs are intended to be to be more than just illumination sources.  Their flowing sculptural forms and oceanic compositions are intended to attract attention.

The Innovative Cosmic Lighting Design Collection

Stylish suspensions by Artemide


The Cosmic Angel is an undulating form inspired by air rippling flowing fabric, This reflective form may be illuminated from below or above. The wall-mounted version has an LED covered surface which enables a fascinating and continuous shift in the light colors emitted.

 Fascinating Cosmic Lighting Design

Modern lighting design

The fascinating Cosmic Leaf design  appears to be clad  in light capturing ‘scales’ this may be fixed as a source of pendant lighting or mounted on a base to act as a moveable free standing lamp.  The Cosmic Ocean Light fitting is a composition of smaller versions of the Cosmic Leaf, suspended from a reflective tile.


What the Designer says of his Cosmic Lighting Design Collection

Cosmic leaf lighting design

Ross Lovegrove describes Cosmic Angel as a “..large two meter long digital surface that acts to capture and distribute light in a very new and visually engaging way”. He said the design was derived from his continued research into liquid forms, digital algorithms and the contemporary 3D digital processing methods. Apparently, the undulating wave design which traps light from different sources. is a new way of distributing illumination within a living space or across architectural surfaces.

Futuristic Lighting Design by Ross Lovegrove

Stylish suspension by Ross Lovegrove

Lovegrove explains that the creative concept for this cosmic lighting design was


“…to freeze a moment that seemed to be created by air rolling over a thin sheet, achieving a very natural flow and rhythm in the lightweight sculptural skin.”


He aimed to create forms that appear to hover weightlessly on a cushion of air. He likens this to the way the infinite, complex shapes, forms and geometries of the Cosmos seem inexplicably suspended in space.

Cosmic Leaf Lamp Design

Modern lamp design by Ross Lovegrove

The wall mounted version of Cosmic Angel exploits LED technology across its surface.  This emits a “..more intimate and tactile form of light” which also changes color, moving through the full spectrum of hues. A control enables the user to select an unchanging color if preferred. The lamp may be positioned horizontally or vertically to suit room arrangements.  Its appearance is enhanced by back lighting with a pure white light. This creates the impression that the lamp form is floating.   For added variation, each wall light may be hung on its own or in a pleasingly effective cluster that looks like,


“… a thin cloud of digit vapour or a virtual angel moving ethereally through space and time.”


The Cosmic Leaf collection is a large series of forms with natural shifts in scale it is primarily a vertically positioned light source.

As the name suggests this lamp looks something like “ a digital leaf from another World”.  The fluid leaf forms are covered with reptilian type scales and it is these small structures that gather light and shadow over the surface of the lamp. This surface is remarkably complex as it changes dramatically in conjunction with dichroic (color splitting) filters.  Lovegrove says that this combination of organic forms and technology achieves “…a magical absorption and light emission never really seen before.”

Cosmic Suspension Design

Cosmic ocean by Ross Lovegrove

As illustrated, the lamp base is a simple neutral form which doesn’t distract from the organic sculptural quality of the Cosmic Leaf.  Finally, in this collection there is another delicate leaf form which may be used in more intimate locations, for example, as a bed side lamp or on a table in a restaurant.   This smaller Cosmic Leaf is created from a crystal techno-polymer material. It is cordless and fully rechargeable for the most streamlined appearance.

The Cosmic Ocean Lighting unit combines angular geometry and a myriad of small organic forms.  Here miniature versions of the Cosmic Leaf have been suspended from a rectilinear frame.  They manifest as a fascinating shoal of digital fish or as a collection of  “ abstract light capturing crystalline leaves that change their form as ones moves around the piece”.

The designer’s words on his cosmic lighting design summarize it as


“… where nature and technology converge in the freeform language flowing below and within the architectural discipline of the linear….”


by Jaz


      Cosmic Ocean Lighting Design

Modern lightings by Ross Lovegrove for Artemide

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