21 cardboard lamp ideas – eco-friendly modern lighting fixtures

cardboard lamp ideas modern pendant lamps home lighting

Discover the potential of an ordinary material like cardboard. We have collected 21 amazing and unique cardboard lamp ideas with stunning designs and visual appeal.

 21 cardboard lamp ideas – modern and intriguing designs


stunning cardboard lamp ideas modern home lighting ideas floor lamp

Cardboard is no longer considered as a material for packaging various goods or a recyclable material. Creative designers have transformed it and turned it into a building material not only for original furniture pieces, interesting accessories for home decoration, safe and very practical items for kids’ rooms and many, many other.

LED Lamp table lamp ideas innovative lamp design

Cardboard lamp ideas feature some really impressive designers’ suggestions or DIY ideas which can be a fun project for the weekend.

21 cardboard lamp ideas – contemporary home lighting solutions


floor lamp cardboard original home lighting ideas

A variety of shapes – from simple to elaborate – can be seen in the different cardboard lamp ideas. Despite the belief that cardboard does not offer many options and dynamics in the design, the creativity and burst of imagination result in innovative ideas which present brilliant curved lines and artistic design ideas.

modern cardboard lamp ideas spectacular pendant lamp

Cardboard finds its place in design and especially in the eco-friendly and green tendencies. It is non-toxic, safe, and you could buy for practically nothing or for free. By cutting strips of cardboard and placing a light behind them, you can create very interesting effects.

cool creative DIY ideas home lighting cardboard lamps

Cardboard lamp ideas feature modern pendant lamps, floor lamps, table lamps and can be blended with great ease into modern interiors. Of course, many people are concerned about safety, as cardboard is easily flammable and without the necessary attention you can easily cause a fire. When you take a few precautions you can greatly reduce the risk of fires. For instance – it is better to use lower wattage bulbs. Avoid putting anything over a lamp, especially clothes or a blanket. If you paint your lamp or apply lacquer, make sure the coating is fire resistant. Cardboard lamps are extremely lightweight and when you use them as floor lamps you need to make sure the base is solid enough.

Modern drum chandelier made of cardboard

modern home lighting ideas cardboard pendant lamp

 The cardboard lamps fit in rustic or modern decors

home lighting ideas interior decor cardboard lamps

Spectacular light effects

home lighting innovative lamp designs cardboard lamps

Cardboard designs in different shapes and forms

DIY Cardboard pendant lamp creative DIY ideas

A cheap material with a great potential

DIY cardboard lamp designs upcycling ideas pendant lamp

A beautiful desk lamp

desk lighting table lamps design cardboard table lamps

DIY cardboard lamp ideas round pendant lamp home lighting

DIY cardboard lamp ideas pendant lamp square shape

creative lamp shades cardboard upcycling ideas

cardboard lamp ideas home lighting ideas innovative lighting


contemporary table lamp ideas cardboard lamps home lighting designs

contemporary pendant lamps cardboard upcycling ideas

contemporary home lighting ideas cardboard lamp ideas pendant lamps

cardboard lamp ideas desk lamp table lamp DIY idea

decorative cardboard lamp floor lamp design ideas

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