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Toyo puts a Lion in the kitchen!


INO Leone kichen design by Toyo

What is the most incredible thing about kitchen designs? I have asked that question many people and not a single answer has satisfied me. One of the best things about kitchens is that they are always different. You can’t find two kitchen designs with similarities. They allow you to be as creative and innovative as you wish to be. This time Toyo have given us the Artsy Kitchen – INO Leone. As you can see the T-shape form of the kitchen gives it stability and also symmetry…

T-shape kitchen


T-shape form of the kitchen INO Leone

Its modern stylish design makes it noticeable right away. If you are wondering why it is called INO Leone it is because of the special feature of the kitchen, which is the winged lion emblem. You’re probably wondering why it is there, but when you think of it the lion is a symbol for care and protection, it is there to bring the family together in the kitchen while having breakfast or dinning and protect them. There is a bit of a resemblance with the guardian of Venice, don’t you think? However the symbolism doesn’t end here, if you look closer you will see the letters t-o-y-o also included in the emblem.

Stainless steel ktchen island


Stainless steel ktchen island design

INO Leone utility is not only useful it is also a beautiful work of art. Having a kitchen design with such quality, style and beauty is a once in a lifetime opportunity. This kitchen is very practical. It is fully equipped with everything you need in terms of raising a big family. If you are alone and you don’t have to think about preparing a meal for others, it is a great place to have a peaceful quiet meal even to have someone over with you. INO Leone – take good care of the lion within you!

Contemporary kitchen design


Contemporary kitchen design by TOYO

Contemporary artsy kitchen


Contemporary artsy kitchen INO Leone

Kitchen appliances


Modern INO Leone kitchen appliances

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