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Moen faucets – kitchen faucets designed for a true chef’s kitchen

contemporary kitchen moen faucets innovative techology

Are you choosing a new kitchen sink faucet? Kitchen faucets bear one of the biggest loads in your home – just think how many times a day do you use the tap so you will definitely want something that will not need repairs every two or three months. We will show you the fascinating Moen faucets – modern, high-tech kitchen faucets, extremely practical with elegant design and the perfect accessory in the interior of any modern kitchen.


Moen faucets with unique designs


moen faucets designs kitchen design ideas kitchen sink faucets

The brand Moen became popular and recognized for the unique design of sanitary ware as well as the high quality of their products. Every homeowner knows that a kitchen faucet has to meet certain criteria – durability, efficiency, convenience and, of course, a beautiful design. Moen faucets meet all these requirements and the collections offer different models, available in different designs and sizes, suitable for any interior.

moen touchless kitchen faucet modern kitchen faucets

Beautiful and elegant, they are the ideal choice and will give your kitchen a special feeling of great atmosphere that certainly will appeal to connoisseurs. When you want to create a stylish space, a harmonious and beautiful interior, details matter and the choice of a particular type and style of finishing materials adds to the overall impression.


Moen faucets combine functionality and innovative technology


stylish kitchen faucets moen kitchen facet modern design

In the world of kitchen accessories, faucets take one of the leading positions. Moen faucets are not only carefully designed but offer exclusive innovative technology to the homeowners.

touch free kitchen faucet moen touch free kitchen faucet innovative technology

MotionSense faucets are designed as hands free models with built in sensors to control the motion of water.

moen faucets retractable kitchen sink faucets modern kitchen

Reflex faucets are designed with a flexible hose and a spray head which retracts fully and there are models in a variety of styles – from traditional to modern. Microban finish is developed to help against odor and stains and the antimicrobial protection is built into the faucets finish.


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moen faucets kitchen sink faucets modern design

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