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Design of the modern kitchen


Minimalist kitchen with black chairs

The kitchen in the modern world occupies an important place in the home. It is not only room for cooking. In her family gathers for morning coffee and a sandwich. Evening aperitif and place calls. Recently, architects together with kitchen living and dining area in general. The open kitchen allows the hostess to not lose contact with the family. Some people want their kitchen to a private room. The reason for this preference is that cooking fumes spread from the open kitchen throughout the day. Whether the kitchen is open, or a single room, it must be clean and well arranged. The sales network has a large selection of kitchen furniture. Another option is to furnish the kitchen was filled to order. Then it is consistent with the requirements of people in the family and is a reflection of their taste.
Good kitchen design is consistent with the style of the entire house. The kitchen is usually the smallest room in the home. It should not be filled with furniture. There is kitchen space for food preparation.

Innovative kitchen design


Innovative kitchen design with white cabinets

The choice of colors for the walls and kitchen cabinets is important. It is consistent with the size and aspect of the room. Kitchen cabinets and appliances must be not only practical but also beautiful. This room makes an attractive and cooking a pleasure. Modern kitchen furniture treated with paint and varnish. Usually one main color in combination with one or two contrasting. Equipment in the modern kitchen is ergonomic high-end appliances.

White kitchen interior


White kitchen interior with modern appliances

Usually the body of the cabinets are installed in the kitchen required the dishwasher, oven and extractor. Furniture complies with the requirement for a healthy lifestyle and it includes a convection oven and bread machine. It is filled with materials that are resistant to fire and moisture.
Lighting is also an important part in modern cuisine. It creates a pleasant atmosphere in the kitchen and helps the hostess at work.

Contemporary kitchen


Contemporary kitchen interior

The kitchen is usually used in the early morning and evening hours after sunset. This requires good lighting design. Weak light violates a sense of comfort and room loses its appeal. Part of the modern interior lamps are directional light. They help to regulate the lighting to dark areas.

Modern kitchen lighting


Kitchen lighting ideas

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