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Сolors in the modern kitchen


Elegant kitchen design in red and white

The kitchen is the most underestimated room in the house. Interior it often comes down to the most necessary furniture and appliances. Manufacturers offer a wide range of kitchen sets in various designs and colors. Each customer can select furniture according to the desire to make your home a modern and functional. The choice of color is an important decision to create a cozy atmosphere in the modern kitchen.

Kitchen in gray and white


Modern kitchen design in gray and white

The successful kitchen design solution creates a sense of spaciousness of the room. It is known that color affects mood. Yellow makes people happy, and red increases the appetite. Color solution in the kitchen must comply with the exhibition room and the flow of natural light in it. In a dimly lit areas of the home is necessary to rely on bright colors. Good furniture and tiles to be selected in light shades. So the kitchen will look more cozy. Continues to be popular in traditional white kitchen. It creates a sense of cleanliness in the room. In combination with dark accents freshness stands out of the room.

White minimalist kitchen


White minimalist kitchen

White is very suitable for adverse exposure to the kitchen and less natural light. Negatives of white kitchen is that a cold and sterile look. This can be overcome with colorful accents. The color can be used in curtains, carpets, beautiful vase or bowl of fruit. Kitchen accessories in creating mood and give the room freshness and comfort.

Yellow futuristic kitchen


Futuristic kitchen with yellow cabinets

Colors in kitchens is great, the soft pastel colors to bright and saturated colors like yellow, red. Recently, some customers prefer kitchens bright colors, mostly red. The combination of red and black cabinets granite countertops is very impressive. Successful design solution in a base color and highlights one or two contrast.

Black and white kitchen


Combination of black and white in the kitchen interior

Interestingly, the use of contrast black and white in the kitchen . If you wish to futuristic style kitchen can be bet on silver. Metal and stainless steel also gives modern design of the kitchen room. The use of wooden furniture in their natural color gives warmth and comfort. Timber is a key element in the modern interior. Mahogany furniture add luxury and style. They can be combined with marble top and stainless steel accessories. Good choice for an elegant kitchen design and furniture are oak and walnut.

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