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Fashionable black kitchen design ideas – 50 amazing kitchen designs

luxury kitchen black cabinets gold backsplash white marble breakfast bar pendant lamps

A black kitchen will be incredibly attractive and appealing to bold and extravagant people. Without any doubt, a kitchen in black leaves a lasting impression and if designed properly, it can be very modern and elegant. We will show you 50 black kitchen design ideas with modern design which would be a wonderful choice for those who want to make a statement and are not afraid to be unusual!


Black kitchen design ideas – fashionable, sophisticated and modern interiors


black kitchen design ideas modern kitchen black kitchen island natural light modern pendants

Black kitchen design ideas often provoke different reactions. There are many people who think that black is an overwhelming color which creates a negative feeling and would never dare to use it in their homes. It is true that if you want to have a black kitchen, you need to give a serious thought on the matter. Black color is very special as it can be refined, elegant, respectable, proud and self-sufficient. If you have any doubts – check the ideas below, think of the design of your home and then make a decision whether you want to have a black kitchen.

luxury kitchen black cabinets white flooring crystal chandelier

Black kitchen cabinets will fit perfectly in rooms with a lot of natural light. When the windows are too small and the light is not enough, you can combine black with white surfaces, like countertops, tables, chairs, flooring or other contrasting colors. After all black and white combination is a timeless classic so you can never go wrong with that.


black kitchen design ideas wood backsplash and cabinets under cabinet lighting

Black kitchen cabinets and wood surfaces is also a winning combination. If the black cabinets have a gloss finish the appearance is ultra-modern and eye catching. Natural materials look very well with black – stone, wood, metal – add character and texture to the kitchen furniture. You can add such accents with a backsplash, countertops, glass or wood fronts of the cabinets and stainless steel appliances add to the modern appearance with their sleek shine.


Black kitchen design – luxury and extravagance in the interior design


minimalist kitchen ideas black kitchen design ideas white flooring

A black kitchen is a bold and extravagant choice, a really special idea that will make any home really exclusive. Black color can be mysterious, enigmatic, graceful, elegant, formal and it is no surprise that it is always fashionable like the timeless little black dress. Black kitchen design ideas look very stunningly well in high-tech, minimalist, art deco or avant-garde interiors, especially when they are designed with clear, straight lines and chrome, glass or steel accents. Black, although a modern and timeless color, can be difficult to work with. There are some rules which will help you to avoid certain mistakes and create a depressing interior.

luxury kitchen ideas black kitchen cabinets white marble countertop kitchen decor

Black and white combination is classic and with a great visual effect. Many people will avoid black kitchen cabinets, especially in a small kitchen, but if combined with white – there is no problem.

black kitchen decoration ideas red backsplash island countertop

Black goes spectacularly well with red. Softer red shades create a cozy atmosphere while bold red transforms a black kitchen beyond recognition. You can add red color to a black kitchen with an accent wall, a countertop or curtains, some modern accessories, etc.

black kitchen ideas gold yellow wall stripes tile flooring

A combination of black and gold gives a touch of grandeur and luxury. Accents in shining gold will enhance the black color and add a stylish touch to a monotonous kitchen design.

modern kitchen ideas black cabinets white countertops and backsplash modern pendant lights

Black and gray also work together but you have to carefully pick the right gray shade. It is recommended that you opt for lighter shades, or metal which will give the kitchen a contemporary look without being too dark.

kitchen ideas black kitchen cabinets wood countertops under cabinet lighting

Black kitchen and neutral colors are another option. Natural wood, beige, light brown shades will add to the design and create a warm appearance. Whether you will go for a wood flooring, cabinet doors, solid wood countertops – the wood grain is going to complement your black kitchen.


Black kitchen design ideas and lighting options

modern black kitchen ideas light wood furniture white carpet geometric pattern

Like we already said, a black kitchen requires as much light as possible. The more natural light, the better.

luxury kitchen black cabinets crystal chandelier marble countertop

Artificial lighting should be carefully chosen. For example – glamorous crystal chandeliers look really great in black kitchens. Modern LED lighting allows different designs which will add to the modern look of the kitchen.

modern black kitchen design ideas black kitchen island large pendant chandeliers

Pendants, recessed lighting, oversized chandeliers – all of these you will see in the gallery below.


spectacular black kitchen design white backsplash pendant lights over kitchen island

spectacular black kitchen designs glass fronts white accents tile flooring

small kitchen ideas black kitchen cabinets white countertop light flooring

modern kitchen design black kicthen ideas white storage cabinets red backsplash

modern kitchen black cabinets white accent modern black chandelier

modern black kitchen white countertops and backsplash accent lights glass fronts

modern black kitchen design brick backsplash wooden table

modern black kitchen cabinets gloss finish white flooring

elegant black kitchen design wood stainless steel accents

kitchen ideas black cabinets white walls red accents

black kitchen ideas white countertops cabinet acents black white tile floor

black kitchen ideas white backsplash modern under cabinet lighting

black kitchen design white countertops wood flooring stainless steel appliances

black kitchen design ideas stainless steel appliances white flooring

black kitchen design glass cabinet fronts white tile flooring

black kitchen cabinets white countertops modern kitchen ideas

black corner kitchen white walls wood flooring stainless steel appliances

Beautiful kitchen designs black kitchen island wood flooring white floating shelves

ultra modern black kitchen design ideas minimalist kitchen brick wall LED lighting

modern black kitchen white countertop stainless steel appliances red chairs

modern black kitchen ideas wood countertop hidden lights

modern black kitchen design stainless steel countertop gray floor tiles

modern black kitchen design ideas wood accents cabinet fronts skylight red bar stools

modern black kitchen design idea glass breakfast bar mini pendants white counteroprs

modern black kitchen design breakfast bar wall mounted tv

minimalist kitchen black cabinets white accents white dining table modern lighting

contemporary black kitchen design ideas white counertop breakfast bar and flooring


black kitchen ideas white walls tile flooring stainles steel accents

black kitchen ideas white ceiling modern indirect lighting

black kitchen ideas glass fronts white countrtops wood flooring

black kitchen design ideas white island countertop black pendant lights

black kitchen design ideas white countertop backsplash wood flooring

black kitchen design ideas white backsplash under cabinet lighting

black kitchen design ideas modern lighting pendants track lighting-light-flooring

black kitchen design ideas kitchen island white storage cabinets open shelves

black kitchen cabinets white wall color red accents


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