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Elegant Contemporary Kitchens in Traditional or Modern Styles

Designed by Cucine Lube of Italy


Focusing on a single company, ‘Cucine Lube’, the range of contemporary kitchens that come out of this design studio is truly remarkable in both variety and quality.  The first choice to make from their exquisite range is whether to go for something from their traditional, classic range or something more modern and sleek.

Contemporary Kitchens Pay Homage to History


Even if you are a devoted follower of modern and minimal trends in home design you have to admit that there is something very welcoming and comfortable about a kitchen that has links to the past.  The kitchen in many cases is, as ‘Cucine Lube’ acknowledge, “…the coziest part of your home|, full of fragrances and lovely memories.”   A traditional kitchen design will automatically be associated with wonderful cooking smells, wild flowers, happy family gatherings and is in general a secure and reassuring environment.

Ultra Modern Contemporary Kitchens


Solid wood is celebrated in many of these traditional yet contemporary kitchens; the ambience of timber is undeniably warm and inviting.  The color of the wood can also have a big impact on the type of atmosphere created.  Cupboards and units in a dark wood may have associations with very old kitchen styles, usually in oak that has darkened by years of patination.  Light woods may recall a scrubbed farm house kitchen where a simple lime wash would have been used for cleanliness and decoration.

Traditional, yet contemporary kitchens – material and colors


Features within these classic versions of contemporary kitchens, include traditional plate racks, paneled doors, stone work surfaces, carved details and elegant cornices.  A new design which is still in development makes a very clear reference to architectural details from classical antiquity.  The serenity of a classic kitchen is undeniable, these beautiful styles offer a feeling of continuity and permanence, reviving the past but introducing all the technical benefits of a contemporary kitchen fit for 21st century living.

 Classical contemporary kitchens by Cucine Lube


When it comes to designing super modern kitchens, it has to be said the Italians are frequently at the forefront.  These fabulously chic contemporary kitchen designs by Cucineluibe are: stylish, streamlined, lively and all modern classics in their own right.  Dashes of color add vitality and complement the sleek polished surfaces and clean precise linear elements.  There is something youthful and energetic in all the kitchens illustrated.  They are sophisticated, practical and suggestive of a discerning but fun loving lifestyle.  Sculptural curves are introduced through modern light fittings, white is a repeating feature in the color palette, this exaggerates the sculptural elements and brings unity within each of these outstanding contemporary kitchens.

by Jaz

White minimnalstic kitchen design


Modern white italian kitchen designmodern-white-italian-kitchen-design

Grey classical kitchen design


Black modern kitchen design


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