The Tough Life of Contemporary Kitchen Countertops


The range of beautiful kitchen countertops available today is vast and possibly just a little ‘mind boggling’ when it comes to making the best choice for you and your kitchen.  Out of all the fixtures and fitting in your kitchen your countertops are going to have to withstand the roughest of treatments.  They will get: bashed about, chopped on, stained by food and drink, hot pans searing their surfaces and will be no doubt be subjected to numerous other horrible tortures.  The life of a kitchen counter top is not an easy one!  That is unless you select a ‘super hero’ amongst kitchen countertops and then it will be able to withstand even the cruelest of treatments.

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In the case of kitchen countertops there is certainly truth in the old saying ‘you get what you pay for’.  Cheap and cheerful may be good in the short term but do you really want to be replacing your countertop in a couple of years when it has been damaged beyond recognition by the harsh treatment it will undoubtedly undergo?  So the best advice is to pay for the highest quality kitchen countertop that your budget will stretch to.

Solid marble and granit kitchen countertops – luxurious addition to your kitchen



Probably the most luxurious and durable kitchen countertops available are made from glorious solid stones such as marble and granite.  These look fantastic and should last a lifetime with minimal maintenance.  Marble comes in an array of beautiful patterns and cool pale colours.  Marble has been associated with fine living since classical antiquity, its aesthetic qualities and strength have ensured that it has stood the test of time and it is still a highly prized material.

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In recent years black or dark grey kitchen countertops have been very popular.  These look fabulous in a contemporary kitchen and will suit traditional and ultra modern design schemes.  For a really cutting edge modern look select stainless steel kitchen countertops.  These are hugely practical and are frequently used in professional kitchens due to their durability and hygienic properties.  Stainless steel countertops will introduce an exciting industrial feel to your kitchen and are a great choice for a minimalist interior.  Wood countertops will add a unique warmth and welcoming quality to your kitchen, these are also a very popular choice but be warned, they are not particularly tough so need careful treatment.

Stainless steel countertops with cutting edge modern look




Perhaps the most commonly used kitchen countertops are made from laminated materials.  These are not as expensive as stone, timber or metal but can reproduce a very convincing simulation of these natural materials. Laminated countertops are still pretty hardwearing as long as they are treated with a degree of respect. Kitchen countertops have a hard life so do treat yours with the tender loving care it deserves.

by Jaz

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