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Luxury kitchen design by Scavolini


Scavolini is a notable Italian company designing and producing kitchens for the modern households since 1961. The large firm famous and loved for its luxury kitchen design starts as a small workshop founded by brothers Valter and Elvino Scavolini. With a limited but high quality range of fitted kitchens the business turns out to be a great success which soon leads to its expansion.

High quality italian luxury kitchen design



In the Seventies the newly growing company goes through many changes in order to produce the best and most fashionable solutions for the customer’s taste. It adopts new technologies and starts working with specialist designers to keep up the Scavolini’s excellent luxury kitchen design. Soon the company starts its first advertising campaign shown nation-wide and receives a desirable sponsorship with a sports team.

By the Eighties Scavolini has conquered the hearts of Italians and become one of the dominating brands on the country’s market. The luxury kitchen design company becomes further successful by being pronounced the leading brand on the domestic market. What follows is a new strong advertising campaign, a new sponsorship and the establishment of the Scavolini Foundation.

Luxury kitchen design inspires with great style



During the Nineties the company keeps on thriving. It works on new ways to improve customer service by creating its own website on the internet and launching annual plans for Dealers. The luxury kitchen design company also adds variety in its product range by creating the Scavolini Group.

The new millennium finds Scavolini still among the best brands on the market. With so much achieved in the last 40 years the company starts looking for new opportunities. It turns to modern matters like protecting the environment and directs its design concept towards that widely growing issue. The new luxury kitchen design solutions offered by Scavolini today still put style, quality and modern trends first to bring the customers’ full satisfaction and earn their love just like they did when they started 51 years ago.


By K.H.Hristova

Red kitchen cabinets and black chandelier


Modern red-blue  kitchen color scheme


Stylish kitchen with grey cabinets


Blue luxury italian kitchen


Cozy light green kitchen


Light blue color scheme


Black dining table and luxury chandelier


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