An Exciting Small Kitchen Design called ‘Board’

Styled by Pietro Arosio for Snaidero


There is no denying the fact that on average, living spaces in urban areas are getting smaller.  Whether this is due to over population in cities or property developers being stingy is debatable.  But the fact remains that, for many people, living in a small environment is the norm.  Maybe this innovative small kitchen design product will help to alleviate spatially challenged apartments in a refreshingly stylish way.

Modern small kitchen design


Designed particularly for a single person or a busy young couple, this compact kitchen unit is the ultimate in miniaturization.  This small kitchen design is called ‘Board’ and is the brainchild of architect Pietro Arosio who designed it for Snaidero.  Based on the growing trend for people to live in open plan interiors, the concept behind this ultra small kitchen design was to make it as compact and streamlined as possible.  The result is an elegant module that largely fits along one wall with only one small cantilevered protrusion.

Ultra small kitchen design by Snadeiro


This small kitchen design is good looking but the idea is that it becomes relatively invisible within the wider context of the main open plan living area.  Clever and complex engineering has produced this deceptively simple solution to an age old problem related to single room dwelling. The sleek and sophisticated unit can be fitted into any space.  This small kitchen design is multifunctional and allows room for all the typical kitchen functions including preparing food, cooking, eating and washing up.

White dining table – perfect for small kitchen


When not in use, the bulk of the small kitchen design module may be concealed behind a single sleekly uniform exterior.  The only protrusion is the attractive cantilevered unit, which remarkable, houses the sink, cooker and working surface.  Compact but highly functional this design allows for easy access to the kitchen and contents without all the disorder that usually accompanies it

‘Board’ is a brand new and exciting small kitchen design project by Snadeiro and hopefully it will help transform many diminutive or open plan interiors into beautiful ‘kitchen clutter’ free zones.

by Jaz

Compact and modern small kitchen design


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