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Brilliant New Kitchen Colors for 2012


Introducing all the colors of the rainbow?  Well not quite but an eminent panel of experts in America has predicted the mostly likely trends for kitchen colors in 2012.  This feature introduces some unusual colors into the kitchen decorating palette, and updates some standard favorites.  It isn’t easy to select a color for your kitchen but maybe the super combinations shown here will get you started.  Certain colors are of course classically timeless. Other trendier kitchen colors will make more instant impact, but may also date more quickly

Tangerine and orange – the top kitchen colors of 2012



It is predicted that saturated tangerines and oranges will be hot, highly fashionable kitchen colors this year.  These will combine surprisingly well with grey neutrals in mid to dark tones.  The bluish greys provide the greatest contrast and therefore the most dynamic combinations.  Imagine if you will, sleek shiny cabinets in a vibrant tangerine next to cool grey tiles and solid granite worktops, how very chic!  If you already own a predominantly grey kitchen, touches of a rich reddish orange, introduced in small accessories such as lampshades, will create a startling effect.

Berry kitchen colors – 2012 design trends



Hot pinks were highly popular in 2011, this year ‘Rose; and ‘Barbie’ hues are being ousted for richer berry colors such as burgundy, raspberry reds and deep blackberry purples. These super sumptuous juicy colors are set to be really popular kitchen colors this year.  Yummy!  Like a fine wine, berry highlights in your kitchen are rich and heady.  They introduce instant impact and warmth to the kitchen color scheme, but do be careful, use these colors in moderation if you don’t want to risk ‘over kill’.

The top kitchen colors of 2012 – blue



In recent years blue kitchen colors have been out of favour, but they are returning with a splash in 2012.  Anything from soft grey blues to richer ultramarines and cobalt blues are gracing kitchens once again. Light cool blues are like a breath of fresh air in the kitchen and suit traditional country kitchens, colonial style kitchens as well as more minimalist interiors.  Darker blue accents such as tiles and cabinet fronts add an exciting contrast to warm neutral color schemes.

Green kitchen design – modern and cozy



Green remains a constant in the popularity chart for kitchen colors.  Maybe, continued awareness of environmental issues, keeps this color at the forefront of our consciousness and a perennial favourite. Don’t be surprised to see the introduction of fully saturated emerald greens in designer kitchens in 2012

So, although not quite the full color spectrum, this introduces a pretty exciting range of new kitchen colors to choose from in 2012.

by Jaz

Modern Kitchen design – tangine kitchen


Blue kitchen – top colors of 2012


Dark green kitchen design


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