Brilliant Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Perhaps more than any other room the lighting you incorporate into your kitchen design scheme would perform a wide range of functions.  Your kitchen is primarily a work place.  It is also in many cases the heart of the home, where the family may get together for a whole range of activities.  Many people combine their kitchen with their dining area so good kitchen lighting ideas need to adapt to provide the right sort of atmosphere for entertaining in. Therefore, the kitchen lighting ideas you select, must work efficiently for you on a number of different levels. Featured here are new ideas to help you banish gloomy unlit corners in your kitchen.

modern kitchen lighting ideas

Contemporary kitchen lighting ideas, can dramatically change the look, and function of a kitchen. Spending relatively little on more efficient and attractive light fittings and a coordinated lighting design scheme will be worth every penny. Lighting needs alter: with changing seasons, at different times of day, for working by and for playing by.  Just one or two single lights will not provide you with the flexibility you need for all these different circumstances.

Brilliant Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Ideal kitchen lighting ideas will include three different types of light. These are ‘task’ lighting, general room lighting, anddesign’ or ‘accent’ lighting.  Task lighting provides clear directional light and is necessary for working by.  The usual forms of task lighting will include spot lights, pendant lights, under cupboard illumination and flexible lighting such as angle poise lamps.

contemporary kitchen lighting

More general illumination sources provide light which floods through the whole room. This can be from a range of overhead fittings and is used when there is insufficient daylight to see by.  For creating more intimate or atmospheric illumination in your kitchen you may like to select design or accent lights.  These are more decorative lights which are used if you want to create a focal point or highlight certain areas in your kitchen.  Accents lights are usually dimmer than more functional lights, they may become a decorative feature in themselves.

The fantastic examples shown here will all include different ‘layers’ of all three types of lighting.  This combination offers infinite control and flexibility in these stunning kitchen lighting design ideas.

By Jaz

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