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Sandstone countertops – a durable stone which speaks for itself

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Sandstone countertops give the kitchen interior a truly luxurious look and highlight the elegance of the design.

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Very often sandstone is confused with soapstone although there is a big difference.

Sandstone countertops pros cons review maintenance tips

Sandstone is a natural material, mined and cut from stone slabs, it has spectacular earthy colors and the rich depth is a complement to any modern kitchen.

Sandstone countertops – the advantages of natural stone combined with high aesthetics

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Sandstone countertops successfully combine all the main characteristics of natural stone and offer a great visual appeal which makes them a premium choice as a decorative element in the kitchen design.

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The strength, frost and abrasion resistance, water resistance make sandstone easy to work with. The richness of texture of sandstone surfaces are giving the material an elite place among the decorative materials.

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Sandstone is a great alternative to granite as it is environmentally friendly, has antibacterial properties and a sandstone countertop in your kitchen guarantees that you will have a beautiful, safe and durable countertop which will give your kitchen a stylish look and serve you a long time.

 Sandstone countertops – installation and maintenance

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Sandstone countertops require proper installation and regular maintenance. One of the biggest issues with sandstone is that it is very porous and it is necessary to be properly sealed. If not sealed correctly sandstone quickly absorbs water, oils, juices or other liquids.

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Once the sandstone countertop is sealed the regular maintenance is fairly easy. It is almost the same like caring for a marble or concrete countertop. Spills should be wiped immediately and you can clean sandstone surfaces with mild soap and water.

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The surface needs to be dried with a cloth after cleaning. Regular re-sealing is also required. Usually sealants last between three and seven years but you should ask your manufacturer what type of sealer is used on your countertop and when it should be resealed.

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