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Poured concrete countertops – amazing durability and design options

poured concrete countertop kitchen remodel ideas kitchen island countertop design

Poured concrete countertops may sound as an extraordinary idea for worktop. Quite wrong! Concrete countertops offer amazing durability and endless variety of designs which makes them an excellent choice for any kitchen.

poured-concrete-countertops kitchen countertops ideas contemporary kitchen design ideas

Concrete is composed of water, binder and filler component – sand, gravel, stone, broken glass chips or a combination of these materials and a concrete countertop is virtually indestructible and the different shapes and colors are easily blended in any design style.

Poured concrete countertops – beauty, practicality and original appearance


poured concrete countertops contemporary kitchen design breakfast bar counter

Poured concrete countertops can be prefabricated in a factory, or cast on site. Prefab countertops usually feature polished concrete and a certain pattern.

contemporary kitchen white cabinets gray wall color poured concrete countertops modern lighting

Monolithic countertops are cast directly at the site of the location. The upper part of the cabinet is filled with concrete – and the countertop is ready.

kitchen renovation ideas poured concrete countertops modern kitchen lighting

Concrete countertops are excellent for both indoor and outdoor use and can be decorated in many ways.

kitchen design poured concrete countertops white kitchen island polished concrete

Concrete countertops are smooth and durable and have a unique design and are the perfect choice for large or non-standard projects.

modern kitchen poured concrete countertops wood cabinets green wall color

The design is determined individually in each case and the thickness, shape, texture and color would depend on the choice and taste of the homeowner. The surface can be sanded, polished or painted.


Poured concrete countertops – versatility and easy maintenance


concrete countertop apron sink white kitchen cabinets subway tile backsplash

Poured concrete countertops are universal in their application and do not require special care. With proper care, your countertop will look beautiful for many, many years.

poured concrete countertops polished concrete countertop moden kitchen interior

It would be enough to wipe the surface with a soft cloth dipped in warm water. Concrete countertops are durable if cared for properly, they are resistant to mechanical damage and high temperatures, but sensitive to acids and vulnerable to staining.

poured concrete countertops modern kitchen ideas kitchen countertops materials

The concrete countertops require sealing or waxing. It should be noted that a concrete countertop is heavyweight and when installation requires a suitable solid foundation.


poured concrete countertops maintenance kitchen ideas

poured concrete countertops kitchen island ideas modern stools

poured concrete countertops kitchen island design ideas

Matte black poured concrete countertops kitchen desing kitchen island with cooktop

contemporary kitchen countertops poured concrete countertops wood cabinets ceiling beams


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