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White kitchen ideas – elegant and modern kitchen interiors


stunning white kitchen minimalist kitchen ideas white counter

White is a classic color – always popular and always stylish. White kitchens today are very fashionable and offer almost unlimited possibilities for colors and decorations in any style – from modern to rustic and everything in between. We have collected some magnificent white kitchen ideas which are inspiring and a complement to any home.

modern white kitchen ideas glossy surface gray kitchen wall color glass table

A modern white kitchen looks bright and light, calm and neutral. It has a positive energy and freshness.

White kitchen ideas – a canvas for your imagination

white kitchen design marble kitchen island white table dining chairs

 Many designers are crazy about white color as it is like a blank sheet and allows you to create all sorts of masterpieces. White is the perfect backdrop for any color shades which will make the kitchen unusually attractive and elegant. White kitchen ideas are the perfect solution for small kitchens. White makes the space visually larger and gives a feeling of freedom, lightness and airiness.

White kitchen ideas – pros and cons

modern white kitchen ideas kitchen island white dining furniture set

White kitchen ideas are largely preferred by people who follow modern trends or want a minimalist kitchen. White gives the opportunity to balance modernity and classic and never gets out of fashion.

white kitchens design black front kitchen island gloss floor tiles

White color goes well with all colors, so it is not a problem at all to create inspiring and creative color schemes which will complement the white kitchen.

white kitchen ideas blue wall color contemporary kitchen design

The main and most obvious drawback of white kitchens is that they require a constant maintenance to preserve the pristine whiteness of the kitchen.

small kitchen white kitchen ideas purple backsplash color accent

Another disadvantage is that if the white paint is of lower quality, the kitchen may turn yellowish with time.

White kitchen ideas – how to choose the best finish and accessories

white red kitchen design modern kitchen ideas contrast wall color

You need to decide what kind of kitchen you prefer: matte or glossy. The glossy finish is more practical in terms of cleaning, but finger traces are less visible on a matte surface. Marble and granite countertops, polished nickel, stainless steel and glass look perfect in white kitchens.

 White is the perfect choice for small kitchens

white kitchen ideas small kitchen design white cabinets matte gray backsplash

 White kitchens can be combined with any other color

white kitchen ideas black backsplash modern kitchen design

 White-gray combination looks elegant and stylish

white kitchen cabinets granite countertop gray wall color

Contrast colors for dramatic effect

white kitchen cabinets contrast wall color blue white chandelier

Modern glossy cabinets

trendy white kitchen design black dining counter bar stools chandelier

small white kitchen brown wall color hardwood floor

modern white kitchen dining counter brown wall color

modern minimalist white kitchen breakfast bar black stools

minimalist white kitchen design kitchen island glossy surface

minimalist kitchen white cabinets black wall white dining chairs

contemporary white kitchen ideas white cabinets wood fronts

contemporary white kitchen ideas white beige cabinets glossy finish


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