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Stunning onyx countertops – unique kitchens with great visual appeal

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Onyx is a natural stone, a variety of quartz, which is absolutely unique in its appearance. We will show you magnificent onyx countertops which make the kitchen interior especially fascinating and appealing. A very special feature of onyx is the smooth non-porous surface with multi-colored parallel stripes. Onyx is considered as a high end material and is rarely used as a countertop material.


Exclusive kitchens with onyx countertops


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Onyx has a variety of colors and shades by the inclusion of the different minerals and pigments, so choosing a stone slab in the desired color is not difficult. Peach, green, orange, white – these are just a few of the magnificent shades of onyx countertops.

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The stone has a property which no other stone offers – it is capable of transmitting light rays to a depth of 60 mm, which creates an effect of an inner glow and many designers opt for a special lighting which increases and enhances the beauty of the stone and gives incomparable charm and elegance to any interior.


The advantages of onyx countertops


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Onyx countertops will make your interior unique and incredibly presentable. In addition to the visual appeal the stone is fairly strong and resistant to mechanical damage which means that your countertop will preserve the original appearance for many years.


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Onyx is resistant to temperature changes and tolerates high and low temperatures. In addition, it will never lose its color from the influence of sunlight. Another great advantage of onyx is that it is an environmentally friendly material and due to the large mineral density it does not absorb moisture, so you will never have a problem with mold or fungus. Onyx is a versatile stone, with a very special texture with different layers and colors and can be easily blended in any interior style.

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