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Modern kitchen backsplash ideas – tiles, glass , stone or metal

spectacular kitchen backsplash ideas modern white kitchen stainless steel wall tiles

The backsplash is an important element of the kitchen design. It may add character to your kitchen, be a colorful accent, an elegant and stylish addition or……… ruin your fabulous dream kitchen. We give you 20 modern kitchen backsplash ideas with various materials and colors.

Modern kitchen backsplash ideas – wall tiles

tile backsplash kitchen ideas marine color white cabinets

Tiles are a great way to make a beautiful backsplash. With modern kitchen backsplash ideas you can set accent colors, designs and patterns and you can create various styles – retro, vintage, modern, classic, rustic, etc.

modern kitchen backsplash ideas black kitchen cabinets white countertops

Tiles are the most popular choice for several reasons. They are easy to clean, durable, scratch-resistant and have a nice aesthetic. The mosaic tiles and glass tiles look very good, are usually cheaper than the stainless steel tiles. The variety of wall tile patterns is also big – chevron, subway, geometric or artistic – you name it!

Modern kitchen backsplash ideas – metal

stainless steel backsplash tiles innovative kitchen designs

Metal tiles are a good option to optimize the overall look of your kitchen. Many different designs are available in different colors, and each design adds a modern flavor to the interior. Modern kitchen backsplash ideas feature different types of metal.

modern kitchen backsplash ideas stainless steel backsplash wood cabinets

Stainless steel tiles are very durable, very easy to maintain and are used both for classic and modern minimalist kitchen designs. Copper tiles add warmth and a rustic touch to the design.

Modern kitchen backsplash ideas – stone

natural stone kitchen backsplask rustic kitchen design ideas copper hood blue cabinets

Natural stone wall in your kitchen can look rustic and blends in a great way in a country house style. If you are using old brick instead of stone, you can continue to reduce costs. However, many modern kitchen designs turn to the beauty of natural stone as it has a tremendous decorative value.

Modern kitchen backsplash ideas – glass

modern kitchen backsplash ideas amazing glass backsplash red color

Glass backsplash ideas offer the opportunity to create amazing kitchen designs. They are very often used as an accent color in the kitchen or as a decorative element.

Kitchen backsplash tiles with a beautuful pattern

brown golden kitchen backsplash modern kitchen design ideas

 Modern glass backsplash in a contrast color

modern kitchen ideas wine red glass backsplash gray kitchen cabinets

Lovely wooden backsplash in a modern kitchen

modern kitchen backsplash ideas wood white kitchen fronts modern kitchen lighting

Natural stone tiles blend in harmoniously in the kitchen design

modern kitchen backsplash ideaswooden cabinets tile backsplash

The brick backsplash looks very well

modern kitchen backsplash ideas tile backsplash design ideas

The copper backsplash tiles are a perfect addition to the vintage kitchen

lovely kitchen design copper tile backsplash rustic style

natural stone tiles kitchen backsplash ideas

modern kitchen backsplash ideas glass backsplash kitchen design ideas

modern kitchen backsplash ideas decorative glass backsplash fruits

Kitchen backsplash tile ideas beige brown tiles modern kitchens

kitchen backsplash ideas glass backsplash bon appetit under cabinet lighting

creative kitchen backspash ideas wine cork granite countertop

chevron pattern backsplash kitchen design ideas



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