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20 Blanco sinks which will elegantly decorate your kitchen


modern kitchen sinks design by Blanco

Blanco sinks will be the perfect finishing touch to any modern kitchen design. The sink is one of the most important elements of the kitchen design as people spend half of their time near the sink. Modern sinks are much more than just a place for washing dishes and Blanco offers the chance to transform the appearance of your kitchen sink.

 Blanco sinks with a lifetime warranty

modern two bowls stainless steel sink  by blanco

Blanco is one of the leading companies in the production of kitchen sinks, faucets, and various accessories and the only manufacturer of sinks with a lifetime warranty for its products. The company is famous for being at the forefront of innovation, aesthetic vision and comprehensive solutions applicable in home or professional kitchens. Based in Oberderdingen, the company has factories in three cities in Germany, as well as in Canada and the Czech Republic. Blanco sinks have become a synonym of functionality, excellent design and top quality.

Blanco sinks from different materials will blend easily in any kitchen interior

stainless steel blanco sinks modern kitchen sinks design

Blanco sinks made of stainless steel are practically timeless. Manufactured with different finishes – polished, brushed, mirror polished and embossed – they have a great aesthetic value, modern appearance and meet every requirement of modern times. The sinks are heat resistant, stain and acid resistant, rustproof and easy to maintain.

innovative kitchen sinks blanco silgranit sinks designs

 A standout material of Blanco sinks is the SILGRANIT which consist of 80% granite chips and 20% acrylic resin. Kitchen sinks made of SILGRANIT have rich deep colors, allowing a wide choice for every homeowner. Further to that SILGRANIT sinks have an excellent heat resistance (up to 280 ° C), incredible durability, resistance to breakage, scratches and acid, etc.

white ceramic blanco sink sliding cutting board modern kitchen sinks

Ceramic Blanco sinks add warmth to the ambience of the kitchen. Designed with elegant flowing lines and glazed surfaces, they are an asset to every home. Manufactured in full-tone colors, with a matt or gloss finish, the sinks are ideal for either traditional or modern kitchens. Resistant to scratching, stains, heat and light the sinks are very easy to maintain.

 Blanco sinks can be equipped with additional accessories

Stainless- steel-blanco-sinks-sliding-elements

 A round sink from stainless steel with cutting board

round kitchen sinks Blanco kitchen sinks with cutting board Ronis

 A classic apron sink in a modern kitchen

modern kitchen design fireclay sink apron sink by blanco

The variety of colors will satisfy any taste

ceramic blanco sinks designs dark gray color

Sinks are designed with one, two or three bowls

gorgeous stainless steel tree bowls and cutting board by blanco

A sink from Silgranit

blanco silgranit sinks kitchen design subway tile backsplash

fireclay sinks Blanco CERANA flat modern kitchen apron sinks

Blanco sinks stainless steel kitchen sinks one and half kitchen sink design

Blanco sinks modern kitchen sinks high quality

blanco silgranit sinks modern kitchen sinks white countertop

contemporary kitchen sinks blanco silgranit sinks design one and a half sink

Blanco silgranit sink design black color wooden sliding cutting board

blanco kitchen sinks sigranit sinks modern kitchen design

Blanco kitchen sinks silgranit kitchen sinks design contemporary kitchen equipment

silgranit sinks by blanco contemporary kitchen sinks three bowls

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