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Toncelli kitchens. Italian Kitchen designs from Toncelli


Minimalist Italian Kitchen designs – Toncelli kitchens

A beautiful home with stylish furniture is nothing without a unique, functional italian kitchen. The Italian Kitchen designs are some of the most important things for women. Even though times have changed and women are no longer just house wives, they still tend to have the last word when it is time to pick out the kitchen furniture. However women know perfectly well, that when it comes to kitchens they can trust only an expert and no one else.

Futuristic kitchen handles in Toncelli kitchens


Futuristic kitchen handles by Toncelli kitchens

Today the experts are Toncelli. Well, when we think of style and unique kitchen design solutions we think of Toncelli. Imagine, Toncelli have given us 50 years of beautiful kitchen designs. Toncelli have finally given us Progretto50. It is an exceptional work of art. Toncelli use special elements like the inlaid work practiced by Tuscan artists in the 15 century, to make their kitchens exceptional. They use strong materials like cement, marble, wood, leather and combine them in an exceptional way. With their natural beauty and richness they make the home very inviting and warm and yet give you the feeling of modern and futuristic notch.

Minimalist kitchen island – Toncelli kitchens


Contemporary minimalist italian kitchen island design

This amazing collection includes modern design kitchen islands, beautiful storage unit and exquisite cocktail and cellar units. Toncelli are more than kitchen designers, they are artists. They use their talent, professionalism and knowledge and carefully create works of art that are not only beautiful but also practical and functional. Everyone can easily fall in love with their beautiful kitchen designs. When you need a really stylish, beautifully designed, fully equipped kitchen you need the best designers.

Contemporary drawers design


Contemporary drawers design by Toncelli

Take a look at those elegant, beautiful elements, made of the finest hard materials of the best quality. These kitchens are designed for exquisite luxurious homes, spending a day cooking in a kitchen like that can be a dream come true, even for those who don’t like cooking much.

Elegant Italian kitchen appliances


Elegant kitchen appliances


The Luxury Toncelli kitchens

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