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Leaving a mess in the kitchen is one of people`s favorite sin. Of course, everybody has an excuse anytime he has left a full sink with dishes and plates for days or when he has forgotten to clean the oven after that big family party. But mostly, we say that all this mess in the kitchens is caused because we do not have so much place to put all those plates and electric appliances. Well, guess what – no more excuses – check out our solutions for a well-organized, tidy and neat kitchen from the new, 21st century.

21st century kitchen interior


21st century kitchen interior

What we first can advise you to do is to sit down on the kitchen table and take a look inside – from the top to the bottom of the room. Make sure you stay on the chair till you get rid of the things around you and realize that they do not belong there. I am sure that the old chandelier, the ugly retro curtains with flowers and bees on it, as well as, the vases from the past millennium are everything else but not a part of the interior design – ask yourself do they suit to the minimalistic kitchen box you have bought last year and do they look like good and nice decors to a room, where everything is in grey and they are dirty yellow.

Minimalist kitchen interior


Black hawk minimalist kitchen interior

Second – leave the old cabinets and shelves, no, better throw them away. Then all the things that are left somewhere in a heap around the kitchen is your new factor for getting some new cabinets and shelves for the kitchen. This time it will be much easier for you – you know the volume of the things, now, just find some attractive pieces of furniture, which have that capacity to accommodate them. Just in case, install some taps and loops if suddenly you buy some more things for your lovely kitchen. Make a schedule. In this schedule right the names of every member in your family. Everybody in the list must suggest some store solution and meanwhile must participate in the cleaning week. This event should maintain the order and the organization in your neat kitchen and remember – the key to the success is hiding in the good plan.

Small neat kitchen interior


Small neat kitchen interior design

Minimalist kitchen


Minimalist kitchen neat kitchen plan

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