Summer kitchen in the yard


Modern summer kitchen and pool in backyard

Modern people are increasingly returning to nature and they try to escape the noise, even in the backyard of the house. Very often, unless there is a pool built summer kitchen. This means preparing food to be outside in the warm summer months. Then the whole family and guests can also lunch and dinner in the garden. The choice depends on the backyard location and functions to perform.

Summer kitchen


Summer kitchen with wooden and stone accents

The location of the outdoor summer kitchen requires it to be built from natural materials. Good ground is covered with stone or wood . The roof is placed on the columns of stone or wood. Each family can only realize their ideas and make your summer kitchen unique. No large investments are required for construction. For summer kitchen building can use old equipment and materials.

Modern outdoor kitchen


Modern outdoor kitchen cabinets

The first thing you need to provide a kitchen in the yard is safe to fire. Usually it is a barbecue. It is to decide where to keep his place. Mandatory in the summer building a sink. Until it is built a small refrigerator and cabinets for storing drinks and utensils. They may be old lumber that is no longer used. A little paint will return their lives.

Summer kitchen


Modern summer kitchen

The summer kitchen is different in each house. It can be built under the shelter of the house, to fence the pool. It may be only a roof and columns, or a whole room. The species is consistent with the climatic characteristics of the region and with the seasons, during which will be used. The easiest way is an existing shed to become a summer kitchen. It may be summer kitchen with sliding windows that aim is to protect in the cool evenings and removed in the summer.

 Rustic summer kitchen


Rustic style summer kitchen

Rectangular wooden table in the rustic style with appropriate chairs or benches are suitable for kitchen furniture in the yard.

Modern summer kitchen


Modern summer kitchen with rattan chairs

Very elegant chairs are made of rattan. Moreover, it is lightweight and can be harvested in winter. It is the summer kitchen to the pool to provide bar.
No matter how big the kitchen and where the court is located, it is a wonderful addition to contemporary home.

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