Practicality and convenience in the kitchen arrangement


Modern kitchen interior design

The kitchen’s interior design should be above all practical. If you would like for it to be spacious and to accommodate all necessary conveniences, you should take the special structure of the place into consideration when making the furnishing decisions. The furniture should be arranged parallel, suitable elements should be placed in the corners of the room, giving priority to functional elements.

Modern kitchen colors


Beech kitchen in white and purple colors

A way to make the place appear more spacious is through appropriate choice and combinations of colours. Warm, pale tones and white colour are suitable for the walls. In combination with furniture and desktops, made of light coloured wood, like birch or beeches, blending colours will create a feeling of spaciousness and more free space.
Arranging the storage furniture is a basic task. Having enough chests of drawers in various structures is a must, as all the necessary objects should be placed as conveniently and compactly within the confines of the room, as possible. For this purpose, the chests of drawers should be placed in all available empty spaces, like the corners and the empty space near the windows.

Symmetrical kitchen arrangement


White modern kitchen with symmetrical arrangement

A symmetrical arrangement composition is the best arrangement idea. Equal distribution of the interior elements in the architectural configuration of the room gives an opportunity of storing more furniture and appliances. This way you store the products and utensils for every day use, as well as those for special occasions, such as sets of cups and glasses, trays, candle-sticks and other decoration elements for the dining-table.

Practical kitchen


Practical modern kitchen design

Compulsory furnishing elements, which must be present in the kitchen’s interior plan, are the sink, the chests of drawers, the oven, the refrigerator and the table, which can be substituted by a desktop, if the space in the room is not sufficient. The rest of the furnishing is arranged according to them. The elements, which are not of basic need, such as the decoration, the couch and other soft furniture, are arranged according to the space available.

Kitchen interior


Beautiful kitchen interior

In order to give a small room an aesthetic and cozy outlook, you must take full advantage of the available interior elements. The lack of space for decoration elements can be compensated by choosing furniture with ornamented patterns. All the available space must be used to its full potential. An idea is to store the special sets of cups, candle-sticks and other decoration elements at a central place in the room.

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