Modern and Luxury kitchen design by Bulthaup

Luxury kitchen design by Bulthaup

Amazing design, superb style, top quality usage

 The amazing design, superb style, top quality usage of materials and wonderful architecture make Bulthaup unmistakably one of the leading companies all over the world.

Having a luxurious kitchen design done by Bulthaup is just a dream come true. Balthaup is not just architecture and a fine mixture between different materials, it is a philosophy that gives you a whole new perspective about life, comfort, and loving nature forms.

The history of this extraordinary company is probably as fascinating as its furniture collections. One of the things you may not know about the firm is that it has been around for more than half a century…Actually, it was founded by Martin Bulthaup in 1949. He bought a saw-mill in a small Bavarian town not too far from the foothills of the Alps. The name of the town is Bodenkirchen. During the first couple of years, the furnishing factory began manufacturing kitchen sideboards. Very soon they became very popular, and the firm started distributing them all over Germany. By 1970, the company was already developing a wonderful innovative project, which was rather visionary. You see, its idea was proclaiming an idea, that the kitchen of the future is not going to be used so much for cooking or gathering as to heating already prepared meals.

Luxury modern kitchen design Bulthaup

When we are talking about Bulthaup superlatives are in order… This company is probably the best competition any design firm would have… With their innovative solutions, excellent skills, creative approach the designers in this company have become of the most talented world-wide renowned professionals in design and architecture.

If you are not already fascinated with Balthaup you will definitely be blown away after checking out how many awards they have received over the years. Some of the notable awards they received are – the Elle Décor Design Award, 15th International Astrid Awards, NY, Best Year Award from Interior Design Magazine in the category of kitchens and many more.

Modern kitchen by Bulthaup

Luxury kitchen design by Bulthaup

kitchen sink by Bulthaup

Minimalistic and Luxury kitchen design by Bulthaup

Kitchen design and furniture by bulthaup

kitchen design by Bulthaup

Stylish luxury kitchen

Modern and stylish luxury kitchen by Bulthaup

Modern kitchen design by Bulthaup

White kitchen design

White kitchen design by Bulthaup

Wooden kitchen design with rustic elements

Rustic Luxury Kitchen design Bulthaup

Modern and Luxury kitchen design idea by Bulthaup

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