Modern kitchen in red and black


Ultra modern kitchen in black and red

Recent years, often experimenting with color in the modern kitchen in your  home. They bring personality and spectacular style in the room if they are combined with taste. There are no forbidden colors in interior design. The requirement is that they are carefully chosen. Combining more than necessary shades creates the impression of redundancy. Usually using one primary color with one or two shades. There are spaces except in two contrasting colors.
In modern interiors often encountered combination of red and black. This combination is typical even for kitchens. It is known that red provokes appetite. With bright paint can be painted doors of the cabinets. A great effect is obtained from red kitchen furniture with black ornaments.

 Kitchen lighting


Black and red kitchen with island and lighting accents

In the dark shades are glass  kitchen cabinets, countertops. The tiles on the floor and the wall is also likely to be black.Red  kitchen island with black countertop makes room stylish and elegant. Above him are descended some beautiful lamps. Lighting may be red in tone cabinets. Another option is a small white lamps with red accents.One option is black with red glass cabinet in line with the red lights in the kitchen.

Modern black kitchen


Modern black kitchen with red bar

Very impressive is the top of the red kitchen bar that brings luxury and style. Several beautiful accessory in white complement the design concept of style in your home. The floor in the room is the natural color of wood flooring or laminate flooring. Suitable for flooring are terracotta tiles. They are easy to clean, which is essential for installation in the kitchen.

Minimalist black kitchen


Minimalist black kitchen with brick walls

The red color in the kitchen may be on a wall if it is made of bricks with beautiful joints. On it is a small hanging basket with dried flowers. Red brick wall suggests a tradition at home.

Kitchen furniture


Kitchen with black-red furniture and curtains

The combination of red and black in the kitchen can be realized with dark furniture and bright accents of fabric. Modern curtains, colorful carpeting, color cutlery up color and mood. Bright colors are combined with the success with black furniture.The combination of red and black furniture in the kitchen look bold decision, but the end result is spectacular.

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