Modern kitchen in black and white


Modern black and white kitchen

Classic black and white combination is attractive for the design of the kitchen. The options for combining the two colors are. They can be implemented in furniture, appliances, floor. If you have successfully selected with taste, they will make your kitchen stylish and attractive. The recommendation is the white color to dominate. That the kitchen looks bigger and brighter.

Minimalist kitchen


Minimalist white kitchen with black countertop

Many people prefer white furniture in the kitchen. They suggest purity. To overcome the feeling of sterility, use a black accent. One option is the combination of black cabinets with a white  countertop.

Black kitchen


Black kitchen with white flooring and countertops

They can be wonderful kitchen stove, refrigerator, dishwasher in the same black. So devices are less visible. In this case the floor is better to be white or very light shades of beige or gray.Many spectacular kitchen island is black with white granite countertop. The combination of light wood with natural stone brings style into the room.Black and white kitchen island cabinets and countertops are also a good solution for the kitchen. Colors can be reinforced with metal accessories. The brilliance of the handles of the cabinets adds style to the room. Metal accents are a wonderful addition to the devices in silver in black and white kitchen.

 Kitchen furniture


Kitchen with black and white furniture and rugs

Another option is the combination of the kitchen  black and white furniture is the white cabinets are placed in the dark part of the room. Dark cabinets are placed in the light part of room.The aim is to extend it optically. Beautiful bright accent color brings an extra feeling of. Different combinations of floor tiles in black and white or rugs in black and white break the monotony of white cabinets and they can be arranged in various forms, staggered vertically to form geometric shapes.

Ultra modern kitchen


Ultra modern black and white kitchen

The color of the walls in the kitchen is also consistent with the furniture. Black cabinets stand out spectacularly on the walls in white or light pastel shades. It is the choice of paint for the kitchen to comply with the requirement for resistance to moisture from evaporation.

Kitchen lighting


Black and white kitchen with lighting accents

Accents in bright hues freshen the kitchen and add color and mood. Exquisite red vase on the  countertop or a flower pot to the kitchen window makes the space cozy. Lighting can also be planned as an accent color that complement the design.

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