Furniture design and decoration elements in the kitchen interior


Beautiful classic kitchen design

Convenience and aesthetics are of key meaning to the kitchen’s interior design. That’s why special attention must be paid to the furnishing decisions, which represent our point of view and artistic knowledge. If rightly arranged, the kitchen can turn into a place, where we spend a good part of our day. Classic tendencies for interior kitchen design have been coming back onto the scene as of late. This style of furnishing combines elegance and practicality. Special attention is paid to the quality of the furniture, where the classic design and pattern is usually chosen. An accent is put on the decorative motives, used for the furniture and architectural elements.

Wooden kitchen furniture


Modern oak wood kitchen furniture

Natural resources, such as wood, metal and glass are preferred. Light and dark tree shades, such as birch, oak, beech and cherry, are equally common. Light tones are usually chosen for floor covering. Side elements, such as the door knobs, are often made of colour metals, such as brass and copper, while desktops are often made of resistant materials, like granite.

Minimalist kitchen furniture


Minimalist white kitchen furniture

When arranging the furniture, the architectural specifications of the room must be taken into consideration. They should not take up too much space. Their arrangement should be symmetrical according to the proportions and comfortable according to their functionality. A key moment is that the chests of drawers are arranged compactly and the central part of the room is spacious, so they’ll be better convenience.

Modern kitchen decoration


Modern kitchen decoration

The decoration options are many in variety. Special details, such as porcelain vases and figures, paintings, tapestries and candle-sticks give the room a hospitable outlook. Minimalistic elements are most suitable, so the place wouldn’t get overcrowded. Such miniature motives make the background appear vaster and the room – more spacious. It is important that a certain type of decoration be established for the chosen interior design.

Contemporary kitchen interior


Contemporary kitchen interior in black and white

Comfort and cosiness are in the foreground, when it comes to projecting the interior composition. By appropriate combinations of furnishing, colour schemes and decoration, a comfortable and functional kitchen furnishing can be established, encompassing all the necessary appliances. The aesthetic nuance to making interior decisions enlightens the atmosphere and turns it into a calm and cheerful part of the household.

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