Floor and wall coverings in the kitchen


Minimalist kitchen design

The floor and wall coverings in the kitchen should be easy to maintain, hygienic and look pleasant. The choice is fairly limited and depends mainly on the home masters’ taste and preferences. Ceramic tiles remain to be the best choice for floor covering. They are moisture resistant, easy to maintain, but apart from their practical strengths, they also have an aesthetic appeal. Ceramic tiles with photo prints give the opportunity to personalize this space according to your personal wishes and ideas.

Modern white minimalist kitchen


Modern white minimalist kitchen

All kinds of pictures can be printed on these tiles, thus adding to the rooms unique outlook. Granite has the same properties, which make it equally suitable for this room. The options for colours are many and they correspond to all needs. Lumber is another option. Bamboo parquet in the kitchen is not exotic, but rather a functional decision for floor covering. Faience tiles are the best choice for wall coverings on the wall near the sink. They are easiest to maintain. The same goes for granite. Latex paint is the best choice for the rest of the walls’ covering. The paint should be water based. The colour decisions should correspond to the rest of the furnishing in the room.

Minimalist kitchen design


Lumber flooring minimalist kitchen design

Lumber is a rather modern choice for kitchen wall covering. Walls, covered in wooden boards, give cosiness and style to the room. The type of wood chosen should be moisture resistant. The choice ranges from lime and white pine to spruce. Laminated surfaces can also be placed. Cork is another option for kitchen wall and floor covering, it’s very suitable for people, who have allergies, it keeps the place warm during the winter, isolates outside noise and is easy to maintain, its only downside is that it’s more expensive.

Kitchen with cork floor design


Contemporary kitchen with cork floor design

When choosing the wall and floor coverings, the needs of hygiene, maintenance and moisture endurance should be taken into account. For safety reasons, the materials should be hard to burn. All this should be correlated with the strife for aesthetics and beauty, modern appearance and contemporary outlook, it should above all satisfy the needs of the household mistress.

Text by B. Angelov

Minimalis black-white kitchen design


Minimalis black-white kitchen design

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