Contemporary kitchen and dining room combo


Contemporary kitchen dining room combo

A small flat does not mean a small imagination for making it looks pretty and cozy, as well. On the contrary – when we are pressed and squeezed by some circumstances beyond our will and wish, we become even more creative and an improvisation in an interior design can become a real masterpiece. So do not panic when you first see your new home and when you realize how small it is – because, usually, the best quality is in least quantity.

Kitchen with dining room


Kitchen in combination with dining room

When we have little space around, we need to be practical in order to arrange our home without permitting it become empty, too full or with some missing room, part or substantial element as to the contemporary interior design nowadays. It is often recommended to make combinations between two rooms in order to save some more space in the house. Such combinations can be a lounge with a living room or a hybrid between a bedroom and an office, for instance.

Kitchen with dining area


Contemporary kitchen with dining area

But the most popular combo in the interior design nowadays is the combo between a kitchen and a dining room – this is the most logical combo and having it at home does not make you poorer or an owner of a small and plain flat – it just provokes your artistic skills to make it more beautiful and vanguard to distinguish you from others.

Combination of kitchen and dining room


Combination of kitchen and dining room with minimalist furniture

A contemporary combo between a kitchen and a dining room could be better built in a spacious and well-lighted by the natural sunlight – so choose the premise with the biggest windows and the biggest quadrature. Then, it is most appropriate to arrange some minimalistic furniture in the combo room.

Minimalist kitchen with dining room


Minimalist kitchen with dining room

A compact and multifunctional kitchen box with an installed sink and an oven may be placed on one side of the room and the big dining table made by finest and elegant teak wood with some eccentric low chairs – on the other side.
You can split the functional zones in the minimalistic combo, where you can both – have fun while preparing the lunch and serving the gorgeous birthday party dinner – by covering a long and impressive carpet or by a decorative arch in the middle of the room. Another great idea is a sliding door or a spending bar plot, which will actually place in your home combo room another room – the bar place.


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