Classic style of kitchen furnishing


Classic style kitchen furnishing

The traditional methods of furnishing and elements of the interior design are often present in the contemporary home. Adding hints of the past gives an exquisite style to the furnishing plan. If you want to give your home, or one of its rooms, this kind of appeal, you can add separate classic elements, or devote the entire furnishing plan to the traditional concept. The classic style differs in many aspects when it comes to design, such as the structural forms in furniture, the colours and decorative elements. Natural colours and materials give an authentic outlook to the room and come close to the ideas of traditional furnishing. Commonly used materials for the furniture are different kinds of wood and stone, marble and textile motives.

Classic kitchen furniture


Luxury dark classic kitchen furniture

For the furniture and floor covering wood is often selected, usually in a darker hue. The floor can also be covered with stone or mosaic. Most furniture elements are often upholstered. Dark and deep colour shades are predominant. The motives and geometric figures on the carpet and furnishing are often disproportionate, with many bends and ripples.

Classic kitchen in natural tones


Classic kitchen in natural light tones

Both light and dark natural tones are appropriate for the walls and it is possible to combine various colours and motives. One of walls can be painted in a different colour, or different materials can be used, such as tiles of mosaics. Wall-papers are another good choice of wall covering, but in this case the combinations of materials and colour would not be an appropriate decision.

Classic kitchen interior


Kitchen interior decoration in classic style

Decorative elements are of special importance, as they are a perennial part of the classic interior. Fretworks, textile and ornamental decorations are popular for the different parts of the room and the interior elements. The shapes and figures are usually geometrically correct, but aesthetically presented. Special attention is paid to correlating the separate elements and motives in terms of style and design.

Wooden classic kitchen furnishing


Wooden classic kitchen furnishing

Putting an accent on a specific part of the interior is characteristic to the classic style of kitchen furnishing. Central interior elements, such as the cupboard, the chests of drawers and the table, are an appropriate choice for achieving such an effect. Creating a cozy atmosphere and aesthetic outlook to the room can be achieved through careful choosing and a sense for the classic style of furnishing.

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