5 gorgeous white kitchens


Modern white kitchen design

Talking about kitchens it is absolutely unnecessary to mention that nobody save for the housekeeper, herself, can do best with the interior design and the arrangement of the furniture. She knows best in what order of the pieces of furniture in the kitchen she will be more comfortable and what are the most appropriate decors and ornaments. Every housekeeper has her own taste to colors and her own view about the order of the things in the kitchen – and order that will let all the used and important things be on hand. Some housekeepers prefer to decorate with fresh orange and yellow decors among the kitchens, others – prefer bright green or red ornaments on the walls and on the shelves. There are lots of people, although, who will rely on the classic colors – grey and brown.

Elegant white kitchen


Elegant modern white kitchen

But, for sure, white kitchen will be the classic one – sample and minimalistic, gorgeous and light. Most of the white sensational kitchens are covered with white shining terracotta with golden motives and painted with high quality latex. Save for the walls and the floor, the white color scheme is followed in the ceiling.

White kitchen with chandelier


Minimalist white kitchen with chandelier as accent

Nevertheless, the big accent in the white kitchen with the white walls and white ceiling is the eccentric chandelier. It may be a beautiful gift from the Victorian epoch – a crystal masterpiece with silver ornaments or a minimalistic extra ordinary sculpture with an irregular shape that can be used for a lighting source as well. It is all up to you and the style in your beautiful white kitchen.

Modern white kitchen


Modern white kitchen with shelves

Another substantial element in a white elegant kitchen is the kitchen box. The white variant of this extra functional piece of furniture, which includes everything a housekeeper needs, can be perfectly combined with silver or steel sink and some sweet mini shelves in a bright color – electric green, orange or purple.

Minimalist kitchen


Minimalist luxury kitchen interior

Make sure the kitchen box is made from high grade materials, because, we all know how difficult is to maintain the cleanness and tidiness in white rooms that are furnished with white pieces of furniture. Better choose plastic. PVC or steel – wooden furniture are difficult to be preserved for more years during all that daily cook, dish washings and dinner servings.

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