Open kitchen


Open plan kitchen and dining room

Separate kitchen or open space? Everyone decided this issue when choosing a new home or renovation of old. In traditional homes the kitchen is a separate room.

Modern open kitchen


Modern open kitchen space design

In modern architectural decisions have pooling kitchen with dining room in the common room. Advantages in this case that the host does not lose contact with family while cook food. In addition- visually expand the kitchen. The negatives are that the smell of food is distributed throughout the room, there is noise of the dishwasher, blender and other appliances. It is true that the absorber takes unwanted aromas.

Open kitchen appliances


Open kitchen with modern appliances

Kitchen equipment with modern appliances can solve some of the problems with noise. But this is additional investment for the family.
Often the kitchen in open space is located in the dark part and is no window. Lack of natural light requires the installation of additional lighting. This will provide greater comfort at work in the kitchen.

Open plan kitchen


Open plan kitchen design

Usually the open kitchen is separated from the living room with bar. He has a practical function-in installed the cabinets and drawers to store utensils.
You can use a different flooring from the rest of the room. Laminate flooring is a good solution for the kitchen floor. It is easier to maintain and cheap. Fits with of modern furniture in the room. Other options are terracotta tiles. They may be in unison or in contrast with the wall surface. They are durable and are preferred in kitchens.

White minimalist kitchen


White minimalist open kitchen

It is better to seek advice from professionals when moving the kitchen into the living room. This update will provide an additional family room in the place of the former kitchen. The project implementation requires a new plan of water supply. You should make a plan when the wall of a separate kitchen is removed. This is an easier option rather than construction of new water supply.

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