Less cost and time, but more kitchen space


Wooden design in minimalist kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important places in your home and it should be well equipped. The best solution is to use those kitchen appliances that can save you time and energy. At the same time, they need to be compact and not take up a lot of space.
When choosing a fridge for example, look for products with energy class A, because they usually have thick walls that allow cold air to circulate without freezing.
Precise control of temperature control, the stainless steel doors those are both hygienic and easy to clean and have self-closing mechanism and the active filter for odors, which are increasingly important facilities that have recently become a vital necessity.

Shelves  in minimalist kitchen


Do you realize how much we can gain, as consumers, the development of modern technology in kitchen? The refrigerator of the future will give us information about the internal content through radio frequency identification system using a marking product, and the walls will be thinner by a special vacuum insulation air gel.
Combined kitchen appliances are also enjoying a growing popularity. Three in one oven with hob, oven and dishwasher, is an excellent solution for small kitchens. The halogen hob with rapid can cook eight times faster than regular gas or stove. The secret is that they are having energy efficient organic diodes that emit light.

Barplot in minimalist kitchen


Barplot in minimalist kitchen

Hoods in kitchen are also updated and they now produce the technology for less noise.
Another suitable combination of microwave oven and saves up to 50% of cooking time, as well there are many devices with a wide list of fast-programmed recipes.
In the near future, a sensor will determine the cooking time and appropriate temperature, automatically. Hob with cooker will be lowered from the wall if necessary, will have self-cleaning feature and will be home alone after cooking.

Chairs in stylish kitchen


Chairs and barplot in stylish kitchen

Microwave ovens used in kitchen will signal whether a food is suitable for consumption and temperature will be able to recognize harmful bacteria health.
The water in dishwashers will be heated by energy released from the stove and the active agent will be charged annually.
Over the next decade, we expect also automation and wireless control, energy efficiency and safe food.
Many important factors are, however, consumer sentiment and prices.
Management via the Internet or mobile phone remains a luxury for now.

Italian style kitchen


Italian style kitchen

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