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Kitchen solutions by Berloni are here to refresh your home appearance and bring another sweet and sympathetic air into the domestic atmosphere you keep marinating through the years. If you have just obtained a new house or a flat, though, the new ideas to discover and the new conception to risk with are also available via the collection by the Italian leader in kitchen creation with an artistic touch and the convenience in mind all the time.

Kitchen solutions by Berloni – background storyblack-modern-kitchen-island

The background story of the Berloni Company began fifty years ago, when the Berloni brothers decided to start their own furniture manufacturing business. Even though the company has been making a successful and impressive approach into the modern world of interior design and kitchen solutions, it is still relying on the long-lived trends and classical conception that were the basis of the main work of the Italian professionals. The creative team behind the company has been following two fundamental ideas – the idea of the emotions and the idea of constant researches. Emotions and sensation of the audience are used for first steps and muse by the artists, working for Berloni Company. Though, the Italian team sticks to permanent research in the most modern and efficient innovations and techniques, when it comes to kitchen building.

Classic kitchen solutions by Berloniwhite-classical-kitchen-Athena-Berloni

Some of the kitchen solutions coming straight from the design studio of the Berloni Company sticks to the century`s trends and classical arrangement of the pieces of furniture along with the stylish decors and sweet adorns. The classic kitchen ideas by Berloni are simply pure masterpieces in the attempt of balance creation – between the sleek retro lines and the contemporary techniques for convenience and practicality. The Vintage layouts and the cottage-styled sets of kitchen appliances and equipments attract the romantic part of the audience by making a great impression with the wonderful atmosphere that is created in each premise of the collection.

Vintage kitchen collection


Tosca is a typical Vintage representative from the Classic kitchen solutions collection by Berloni. The oak wood is fusing with the soft textiles in the interior, while the old-fashioned lighting settings are putting an accent on the sensation of coziness and sweet snugness. The retro cabinets, the glass doors of the shelves from the kitchen section and the cute little window built in directly in the kitchen box are a tribute to the 60s of the 20th century, when the begging of the company was actually put.

The white classical kitchen solutions are incorporated in two elegant and attractive models – Grangala and Gaia. Made to bring the lightness back at home, these two conceptions follow the idea of pleasure and joy as the main sensations, which were used as basis for the interior design creation. The massive kitchen section from the Grangala is the opposite of the mosaic arrangement of little elements in the Gaia kitchen, where romance and idyll are making their way through the common kitchen appliances and gadgets.

Modern kitchen solutions by Berloniminimalist-white-kitchen-design

Modern kitchen designs by Berloni are those kitchen solutions, in which we can easily observe the convenience of high-tech interior and the elegance of the minimalism as one of the most popular style in the world of home arrangement today. The new ideas do discover and the new conceptions to risk with in this collection are contemporary, innovative and extremely simple. The decors are traditional at the expense of the ultramodern techniques for store solutions, “nearby and at hand” functionality in the kitchen, as well as the strong presence of spaciousness and lightness.

The newest models among the modern kitchen solutions by Berloni  are Ginevra, Afra, Brera, and Nicolle. Each of them owes its individual advantages and senses of charm. The Afra kitchen attracts with the awesome store solution in black and white color scheme. The Ginevra is a refined tribute to simplicity and elegance. The Brera model of a modern kitchen strikes with the purity and strong sense of cleanness and fascination. The Nicolle, however, is our favourite kitchen conception. Here, we become witnesses of the exclusive balance between the hidden luxury air and the hinted retro touch.

by Abigail

White-blue colours in the kitchen minimalist-open-shelves-kitchen

White classical kitchen cupboards


Traditional kitchen design


Kitchen solutions – rustic designrustic-cozy-wooden-kitchen

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