Feng Shui in the kitchen


Feng Shui furnishing for kitchen

Ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui becoming ever more popular. Many people comply with the requirement of teaching when planning your living space. The aim is to attract prosperity and success with the arrangement of furniture according to the requirements of Feng Shui.The kitchen is the heart of any home. It is better if you apply the requirements of Feng Shui in your home, start from the kitchen. Chinese characters for Feng Shui means “wind and water.” It is great if your home is designed under the laws of Feng Shui. Then the kitchen will never be in the northwestern part of the house or near the toilet. However, if the kitchen is in the northwestern area and can not be shifted, at least it is not the stove is in the northwestern part of the kitchen. Otherwise fortune will be destroyed by fire.


Feng Shui kitchen interior

Not recommended to be in the kitchen near the front door or the toilet. It is assumed to be in the rear of the house. Feng Shui experts advise sink and refrigerator are farthest from the stove. The explanation is that the sink and refrigerator are representatives of the water element, and a stove-fire element. These two elements are incompatible. Combination of them may cause trouble in the family. It is not good hostess to a back door while cooking. If the stove can not be moved, it is better than to put a large mirror. Good effect is achieved with modern tiles mirror.

Large Feng Shui kitchen


Large Feng Shui kitchen

The kitchen should be large and to attract positive energy. If natural light is insufficient, it must compensate with lights. In the room there should be no unnecessary furniture and objects, especially if not used. It is the kitchen walls are painted in bright colors. Appliances and accessories in bright colors are a good solution. Feng Shui does not accept the dining table is glass. The recommendation is that it is wooden. Metal is the most used means of protection from negative energies. It is better to present it in the kitchen. Pots of live flowers are also a way of protection. Plants are natural air filter, and red colors symbolize the fire element.

White kitchen furniture


White kitchen furniture

Feng Shui kitchen design


Brown Feng Shui kitchen design

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