Kitchen design ideas – modern style from Tecnocucina

green glossy cabinetry stainless steel

If you have decided that it is time to go for a new kitchen, have a look on the exciting kitchen design ideas presented by Tecnocucina and start cooking in style. The concept of “living kitchen” combines technology and elegance and converts the kitchen into an example for a modern perfection.

 Tecnocucina presents functional kitchen design ideas

Kitchen Design ideas pure white

The combinations of stainless steel, granite worktops or silestone will give a brand new look to your kitchen. Silestone is an artificial stone, which is made from crushed stones and resins. You will notice the minimalist contemporary kitchen design ideas, the colour combinations – black and white, grey and wood and the unique symbiosis they blend in. To have an ultra modern effect the design boldly uses green and brown. This way you will have a close to Nature design.

 Kitchen design ideas have no limit

Kitchen Design ideas white kitchen

The designers in Tecnocucina believe that every kitchen can be customized to the tiniest detail. The compatibility of the models makes them interchangeable with one another and gives infinite combinations and creations. The philosophy of Tecnocucina is just one word – Flexibility. Being in the business for many years the Italian manifacturer is offering quality, innovation and perfection to the last detail and faces the challenge of design with professionalism. The concept of living kitchen has become wide known as single space where the technical area meets the authentic living area. Whether you chose glossy or matte, you can be sure that your kitchen is going to be not only elegant but will also have a timeless finishing.

 Kitchen Design ideas wood black stainless steel

Design in stylish grey 

grey kitchen design with small eating area

Design in stylish grey – detailgrey kitchen stainless steel

Black, white and wood in perfect combination

Kitchen Design ideas black white wooden cabinets

 Modern design in dark and light grey

Kitchen Design ideas black kitchen wood stainless steel

 Contemporary kitchen design in black and white

contemporary design black and white

Design in light grey and stainless steel

contemporary design light grey stainless steel

Kitchen Design ideas white kitchen neon lights side view 

Kitchen Design ideas white kitchen neon lights

Kitchen Design ideas white kitchen neon lights front view

Kitchen Design ideas white kitchen neon lights front

 Modern design with wooden cabinetry and black bar area

modern design wood cabinetry black bar

Kitchen design natural wood cabinetry and island

Design ideas nature kitchen

Design ideas white wooden backsplash

 contemporary design black and white detail

Kitchen Design ideas Tecnocucina white kitchen


black kitchen wood sink island black cabinetry


black kitchen wooden island stainless steel


Kitchen Design ideas black kitchen wooden cabinetry


Kitchen Design ideas black wood cabinets


Kitchen Design ideas black and stainless steel


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