Shabby Chic kitchen – interior designs with attention to detail

shabby chic kitchen island ideas vintage chandelier pastel colors

The style Shabby Chic with its characteristic materials, colors and shapes can revive the charm of the days gone long back. Shabby Chic is a combination of old and new, and has a long tradition in the Scandinavian countries and the UK. A Shabby Chic kitchen is characterized with delicate colors, shimmering accessories and antique furniture with signs of wear. Add to this a distinctive elegance and a romantic, feminine touch. We have compiled 20 ideas to help you make your kitchen shine with a lovely vintage charm.

 Shabby Chic kitchen – enjoy the beauty of the imperfections


Vintage kitchen Shabby Chic decor open shelves kitchen accessories

A Shabby Chic kitchen can be instantly recognized for the wood cabinets and a ceramic sink. A buffet cabinet is a classic furniture piece. Valuable accessories that give a special character to the room are often used as decoration, too. Family items with emotional value, hand crafted and homemade items, antiques and flea market finds – all these are a part of the Shabby Chic decor. A chalkboard, wooden chairs, Oriental rugs and copper pots complete the vintage look. In a Shabby Chic kitchen you have to avoid glossy cabinets finish and stainless steel surfaces as they are not really suitable. Bright and muted colors, delicate pastels, beige, vintage white combine very well with tender pink, sky blue, yellow and turquoise.

 A cozy shabby chic kitchen – a welcoming atmosphere and warmth

shabby chic kitchen accessories kitchen decor ideas open shelves

A Shabby Chic kitchen should be comfortable, welcoming and cozy. Natural materials such as wood and metal are used, which you can mix as you wish as they always work together very well. Soft fabric such as velvet, silk and cotton are the perfect upholstery for your sofa or breakfast nook bench. The walls can be covered with wallpapers, for example, with romantic floral motifs, checks, stripes and dots blended discreetly with the overall concept.

white kitchen shabby chic decor wooden dining furniture set stone wall

 Cozy kitchen with a Shabby Chic decor

cozy shabby chic kitchen wood table open shelves vintage chandelier

 Small kitchen design in vintage style

shabby chic style kitchen decor ideas white cabinets glass fronts

 Open shelves are typical for the Shabby Chic style

shabby chic kitchen design wood flooring white cabinets open shelves

 Pastel colors in the kitchen interior

shabby chic kitchen decor pastel colors pink blue chandelier

Lovely Shabby Chic design in pastel colors

shabby chic kitchen decor shabby chic kitchen idea white and pink

The accessories add to the Shabby Chic atmosphere in the kitchen

kitchen decor ideas shabby chic style kitchen shelves

Shabby Chic kitchen furniture ideas built in  stove floor tiles

shabby chic kitchen decor natural stone wall white cabinets ceiling beams

shabby chic furniture kitchen furniture ideas kitchen decoration

shabby chic decor kitchen design ideas floor tiles white cabinets leather armchair

Shabby chic decor ideas kitchen furniture ideas corner kitchen ideas

old new combination shabby chic interior kitchen decor ideas

modern white kitchen vintage look wood flooring granite countertops

modern kitchen country style vintage decor chalkboard brick wall

lovely Shabby Chic decor kitchen design ideas small kitchen design white cabinets

inspiring Shabby Chic decor ideas kitchen design white kitchen furniture



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