Copper backsplash for a distinctive kitchen with unique character

kitchen backsplash ideas hammered copper backsplash

Perhaps you have looked at kitchens with various designs and modern backsplash tiles and they all look more or less the same to you. Do you want to have a kitchen with a really unique character and atmosphere? May be you should start thinking in a different direction and consider a copper backsplash! Copper has many advantages and has been used by humans since Bronze Age for various purposes – from rooftops to mailboxes. It certainly does have a lot of character and beating the appearance of copper is very, very hard.


Pros of copper backsplash

white kitchen cabinets copper backsplash country style kitchen

The pros of copper in design terms are that it blends in traditional, rustic and modern designs. It adds a lot of character to the interior and is an immediate focal point as hardly any material can provide the same warm glowing look. With time the metal oxidizes and develops a patina which is very appealing.

modern small kitchen backsplash ideas copper backsplash

A copper backsplash is particularly suitable for smaller kitchens as it reflects light to create an illusion of a bigger space. Copper backsplashes are very easy to clean without the standard domestic cleaners. A mixture of lemon juice and salt will scour it well or even some warm water and soap will do the trick.

polished copper tile backsplash kitchen backsplash ideas

Copper is non porous and has natural antimicrobial properties which makes it a perfect backsplash surface. Copper is the ideal choice for people committed to sustainable living as it often can be salvaged from scrap yards.Last but not least – copper sheets and tiles for a kitchen backsplash are a perfect DIY DIY project and are found in most hardware stores.

Cons of copper backsplash

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One of the biggest cons of copper backsplashes is that they can be easily damaged. It can be scratched or dented without too much force. Although many people enjoy the patina of copper which is the result of oxidation, the process of discoloration would eventually turn your backsplash green.

copper sheet backsplash kitchen ideas DIY backsplash

Fingerprints are visible on copper surfaces as well as scratches. Acids are not friendly to copper and even vinegar may cause damage to the color and shine which requires a certain amount of attention from the homeowner.

 small kitchen ideas copper backsplash granite counterop

 Copper decorates a modern home bar

modern kitchen rustic decor home bar ideas copper backsplash

A touch of rustic atmosphere

small kitchen decor wood cabinets copper backsplash

 Country style decor

rustic kitchen ideas black cabinets copper backsplash wood flooring

 An impressive accent in the interior

pros cons copper backsplash home decor dining room design ideas

 Copper tiles are offered in different finishes

pros and cons of copper backsplash kitchen design rustic decor

hammered copper backsplash kitchen backsplash ideas white cabinets

copper tile backsplash white kitchen cabinets kitchen decor ideas

copper tile backsplash polished copper DIY backsplash ideas

copper backsplash white kitchen cabinets

copper backsplash pros cons modern kitchen ideas rustic kitchen decor

copper backsplash ideas unique kitchen designs


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