The beauty of natural materials – slate countertops for your kitchen

black slate tiles kitchen countertops ideas white cabinets

There is no more talented designer than Mother Nature and interior designers and architects know that. Natural materials are gradually becoming more and more popular. We shall make a quick review on one of the most popular of them – slate countertops. Whether you are planning a kitchen renovation or designing a completely new contemporary kitchen, look at the images and be inspired to invite Nature to your home.

What are slate countertops and what are their pros?

natural materials in the kitchen slate countertops

Slate countertops have a lot of qualities including beauty, great durability and a non-porous surface that makes them easy to clean and requires less maintenance than granite, marble or concrete. This is a versatile countertop material and works perfectly in a variety of applications such as kitchens, bathrooms, wet bars and can also be used for backsplashes and sinks. Natural slate can be found in shades of red, purple, turquoise, gray or black. One of the most popular types are Brazilian slates. They are quite well known for their superior quality and are used throughout the world for this reason. Brazilian slate is an excellent choice for kitchen and vanity tops.

Slate countertops maintenance

Traditional white kitchen modern slate countertops black white floor tiles

Slate countertops are maintained just like any other natural stone, for example – marble or granite. You need to seal it twice or three times per year, and cleaning can be done with the common household cleaners that you use. If you ask yourself how to remove scratches from slate countertops – well, it is very easy. A light sanding will do the trick. Note that some darker shades of slate slabs are treated with mineral oil. If you noticed scratches on a surface which is treated with mineral oil – you do not need to panic, as they are easily covered with a dab of mineral oil.

Slate countertops – most important facts

slate countertops ideas home interior natural materials

  • Slate countertops are more affordable than other natural stones.
  • Slate slabs are more monochromatic, which many people find appealing and designers use that quality to underline the simplicity of the interior.
  • Slate countertops haveextremely low water absorption which means they are resistant to water damage and stains
  • Slate is fireproof and chemically inert.


white kitchen ideas wood flooring modern slate countertops

 Fabulous kitchen with white cabinets and slate countertops

white kitchen slate island countetops wooden flooring

 Traditional kitchen with modern slate countertops

Traditional-kitchen design wooden cabinets green slate countertops kitchen island

 Slate tiles countertop combined with white kitchen cabinets

slate tiles kitchen countertop ideas white cabinets glass doors

 Contemporary kitchen design with natural materials

awesome modern kitchen design slate kitchen countertops

 Kitchen design with rustic flair and slate farmhouse sink

Rustic kitchen design ideas slate backsplash countertops

Slate countertops maintenance is quite easy

slate kitchen countertops white kitchen cabinets stainless steel appliances

Modern white kitchen black slate countertop wooden flooring

Modern kitchen rustic flair green slab slate countertop

slate countertops ideas monochrom color modern kitchen design

Modern kitchen interior design slate countertops black finish

Modern kitchen design ideas slate tiles kitchen countertop

modern kitchen countertop slate natural slate countertops slate apron sink

Kitchen design slate slab countertops wooden cabinets

White kitchen design ideas white cabinets black slate countertops

fantastic kitchen black slate countertops slate farmhouse style sink

Contemporary kitchen interior design wooden cabinets slate countertops

contemporary kitchen design Brazilian blue slate countertop

Slate kitchen island countertops natural materials colors

Modern bathroom design ideas slate vanity countertop

beautiful bathroom design ideas green slate stone vanity countertop


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