Smart kitchen design by Faltazi

Ekokook is a one-of-a-kind modern kitchen design created to save energy and water and to recycle non-organic waste. Developed by French design studio Faltazi the innovative smart kitchen design combines a fresh contemporary look with effective built-in features that represent a real ecological system ready to be installed right in your kitchen space.

Smart Green kitchen design by FALTAZI

The overall look of the Ekokook smart kitchen design is very modern and fresh. It has a cool steel finish mixed with a number of bright green elements. It provides a lot of storage space in the form of sliding cabinets and containers. A set of conical green forms are suspended above the kitchen counter. Some of them are used for additional storage and others as pots for kitchen plants that complement the green image and clear the air.

Green and sustainable kitchen design

Smart Green ecological kitchen design by FALTAZI

The smart kitchen design uses three separate built-in installations working together to the kitchen and the environment’s greatest benefit. The first system is used to store non-organic waste and process it to the point of its origin. Five different units are used to store glass, metal, plastic, paper and other refuse and every separate kind goes through special machines that break or compress it.

Smart ecological kitchen  Smart Green ecological kitchen design by FALTAZI

All the processed waste produced through the smart kitchen design goes to the second kitchen installation which recycles it. The refuse is broken down by an earthworm compost container in the shape of a sealed drum. Through rotation the drum processes the waste further and gradually turns it into compost for a period of about three months. Mixed with water the newly produced compost can be used for fertilizer. That is how this smart system helps preserve the natural environment while the home benefits from it.

Smart Green ecological kitchen design by FALTAZI

Just as impressive is the third built-in installation of the Ekokook smart kitchen design. This one represents a water recycling system. It works by collecting and filtering used water and using it to water the kitchen plants. It is another feature created in favor of nature and of your own budget as well. According to the designers you can save up to 15 liters of water a day that way.


by K.H.Hristova

Smart Green ecological kitchen design by FALTAZI

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