Rustic furniture in the kitchen – a romantic and cozy interior

rustic kitchen design solid wood furniture island pendant lamps

Rustic furniture in the kitchen always looks spectacular and impressive. Rustic style has been popular for decades and still holds a leading position as it offers beautiful interior solutions.

Rustic wood kitchen dark wood beams wrought iron chandelier

Rustic designs are valued for the freedom as there are no strict rules which restrain the creativity and the choice of materials and decoration is unlimited.

rustic kitchen design stone fireplace natural wood cabinets

The typical materials for rustic furniture and rustic interiors are the natural materials – wood, stone, brick, metal, ceramics, clay.

Rustic furniture in the kitchen – natural charm and style

rustic kitchen design wood island exposed ceiling beams wood floor

Rustic furniture in the kitchen does not differ from the usual furniture pieces that modern housewives are used to.

rustic furniture ideas country house kitchen furniture brick wall

We still have cabinets, countertops, dining furniture but the materials and the craftsmanship are different.

natural wood kitchen countertop rustic furniture amazing kitchen designs

There are no glossy lacquered surfaces or plastic materials. Rustic furniture is made of wood and cracks, chips and abrasions are welcome, often done on purpose, to achieve an authentic antique appearance.

Beautiful rustic kitchen modern appliances vintage kitchen island solid wood

Before you fill the kitchen space with all sorts of pieces of furniture, you need to make sure that thy comply with the simplicity and practicality of the rustic style.

rustic furniture kitchen design ideas wood cabinets exposed ceiling beams

Kitchen cabinets must be made exclusively from natural wood and that is their real beauty.

 How to choose rustic furniture for your kitchen

rustic furniture kitchen designs wood cabinets white countertops wine rack

Rustic furniture design is focused on straight lines, natural colors and simple shapes.

Rustic furniture dining table kitchen furniture ideas brick wall

One of the main focal points in a rustic kitchen interior is the massive wooden table uncomplicated form, which may be to gather a large number of people. Simple solid chairs or benches, made of wood are the best option to complete your dining furniture.

rustic furniture ideas kitchen design ideas natural wood kitchen cabinets

Beautiful vintage buffets, wall cabinets and shelves, cozy kitchen sofas, old trunks and baskets, all these elements will complement your rustic interior and provide storage space.

rustic kitchen furniture wood flooring stone wall ceiling beams

Minor details such as the handles on the facades of the kitchen cabinets are very important as they are a part of the overall design.

 rustic furniture kitchen island solid wood chairs blue cabinets

Choose a countertop made of stone, whether artificial or natural. Solid wood countertops perfectly fit into the rustic interior as well.

 rustic furniture rustic kitchen ideas natural wood kitchen cabinets

rustic kitchen furniture wood cabinets beautiful kitchen island wooden stools

rustic furniture ideas rustic kitchen furniture wood kitchen cabinets

rustic furniture ideas kitchen designs stone walls ceiling beams

Kitchen furniture ideas rustic furniture shabby chic cabinets design



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