Kitchen and bathroom design ideas by AMOS DESIGN


If you need fresh ideas for furnishing, you can upgrade your home with these great kitchen and bathroom design ideas of AMOS DESIGN Collections. They are original and exciting, and the clean design lines and amazingly smooth surfaces can lend a very contemporary look to any room. If we need to describe in a few words, the atmosphere that these proposals for pieces of furniture could create in your home, the exact words are convenience, comfort, and open space. Check out these kitchen and bathroom design ideas by AMOS DESIGN and you will get great ideas to create your own fantasy decor.

Kitchen design idea – DuPont™CORIAN

Kitchen design idea - DuPont™CORIAN

These modern kitchen and bathroom design ideas using very advanced materials, which will surprise you with an amazing appearance. Material Corian ® is becoming more popular and this by no means a coincidence. This material is a real miracle that breaks traditional notions of home furnishings. It is everything, which you might expect: it is durable, extremely versatile, and the beauty of products, made from Corian ®, will definitely provoke your sense of style and aesthetics. In fact, Corian ® is a blend of natural minerals, pigments, and polymers and it is a unique solution for furniture production. Thanks to this material are available even the bravest kitchen and bathroom design ideas.

Basin island – modern design

Basin island design idea

It is enough to look at the photos below and you immediately can make sure that these are very attractive kitchen and bathroom design ideas, offering real wealth of fascinating shapes. By the company share that to achieve their goals; they rely mostly on right balance between structural architecture and the interior. Well, with a look at these amazing kitchen and bathroom design ideas, we have to admit that they really manage to do so.


Bathroom design idea

Contemporary kitchen and bathroom design ideas not only aim to make people feel more comfortable in their homes, but also offer kitchen furniture, which meets all current environmental requirements and consumer health. The kitchens by AMOS DESIGN are just that – modern pieces of furniture for the creation of the coolest kitchen and bathroom design ideas, which you would imagine.

Bathroom design idea

Green bathroom design idea

Bathroom design idea

Bathroom design idea

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