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What is a kitchen without a board? There is at least one in every kitchen. It is a necessary tool for cutting a variety of products and is one of the most important kitchen utensils. 3D wood cutting boards have become a trendy possession because they look unusual and absolutely gorgeous.

3D wood cutting boards combine tradition and craftsmanship


Modern kitchen utensils round 3D wood cutting board

The market now offers a tremendous variety of cutting boards made of plastic or glass, but the wooden board is still as popular as ever. Many people choose plastic boards as they are afraid from the natural properties of wood. Wood is one of the best absorbers and that easily allows the damaged surface boards accumulate germs. Let’s face it – a high quality wooden board is still the best option. It is not as breakable as glass and much more resistant to scratches than plastic. 3D wood cutting boards combine stunning visual effect and traditional wood.

How 3D wood cutting boards are made?

3d wood cutting boards end grain cutting boards designs

3D wood cutting boards are so special because of how they are constructed. A 3D wood cutting board is an end grain cutting board and this means he surface of the board that is used to cut on is the end grain of multiple boards joined together.

The advantages of end grain 3D cutting board

square butchers block 3D wood cutting board

 End grain is best for the knife edge and has been described as “self healing” as the small cuts on the surface of the board may close back up to some degree. The greatest advantage of these boards is the durability. Another advantage is that they successfully hide knife marks. Last, but most important – a end grain 3D cutting board it will not dull your knives as quickly as plastic or glass cutting boards because of the cutting board’s surface. The knife slips in between the grains of the wood and it does not damage its sharpness.

Round wood cutting board with 3D effects

pin wheel end grain 3D cutting board

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original 3D wood cutting boards kitchen equipment


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how 3D cutting boards are made

end grain cutting boards 3D effects

beautiful 3D cutting board chevron pattern

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