Stylish and Modern Kitchen Design from SieMatic

Stylish modern kitchen design - SieMatic

SieMatic is a German company which creates fresh kitchen design ideas for the modern household. It was founded back in 1929 under the name August-Siekmann Furniture Factory. Back then the company consisted of a few kitchen dressers who were popular at the time and loved for their work. They were the ones who gave a successful start to the business and continued to develop it by creating innovative collections and experimenting with new materials.

Modern kitchen design by SieMatic

Minimalist Stylish modern kitchen design - SieMatic

In 1960 came a whole new era for the company and the change of its very name. That’s when the model of their first classic built-in kitchen was created. The concept of the new innovative kitchen design was to represent a well-organized space that combined comfort and functionality with a fresh look fitting the modern home.

Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

Contemporary Stylish modern kitchen design by Sie Matic

That kitchen model was also the prototype of the completely built-in kitchen that has become a trend in today’s interior design. During the next years of its existence SieMatic has been developing its classic collections and altering them according to the new trends in order to achieve the most stylish design and functional solutions for the modern kitchen. In 1996 the company launched an entirely new generation of kitchens with a modular system. The new design gave people the freedom to organize their own kitchen space just how they wanted and thus created more new possibilities to add individuality to the kitchen. That collection became such a great success that SieMatic had to create a new branch to take care of its production.


Luxury Kitchen Design Inspiration by SieMatic

Modern kitchen design by Siematic


The new millennium brought even more changes to this ever-growing company. In 2000 when celebrating the 40th anniversary of its first classic fitted kitchen SieMatic introduced to the market a contemporary version of that same design concept. It represented the same fresh and stylish design as the classic version but with new clean modern lines and no old-time details, reflecting the image of the present and the future. Two years later came another project following the same concept – SieMatic’s International style collection. It revealed brand new solutions for the modern kitchen design created to make that one special room more open and adjustable.

Modern Kitchen Design

white modern kitchen design by  Sie Matic

Today the company keeps developing its new modern styles while at the same time continuing to design its well-known and loved classic kitchens. It also offers another special style that joins classic and modern elements in a different kind of design that revives the old-times in the forms of the present.

 Exclusive Kitchen Design by SieMatic

Luxury modern kitchen design from Sie Matic


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