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Children room design ideas – Creative and chic! Pretty in Pink!

expansive pink interior design girls room

Everyone needs children room design ideas and wants the best for their child.  There’s nothing better for a little princess than living in her magical pink world. Create a lovely enchanting realm for your baby girl and give her the feeling of softness and sweetness that she deserves. Girls love fairytales and magic, a lovely pink interior will give them the comfort and freedom to create their own magical world. It will develop their imagination and creativity.

Modern and creative children room design ideas

traditional chic girls room design

Of course, every interior decorating hides some risks. So gathering children room designs and taking your pick is vital.  A pink interior doesn’t necessarily mean than every “pink” is good for your child. You have to be very careful when picking your shade, because you mind end up creating a room that gives the feeling of a children’s cough syrup. To create something elegant and stylish you have to rely not only on your own intuition but also keep some examples interior that you like.

Pretty in pink is every girl’s thing! It’s magical and sweet, you’re in for a treat!

lovely teenage girls room design solution

A little more saturated pink with lighter pink tones and white elements are an absolutely gorgeous children room combination. These colors create that enchanting atmosphere your baby girl will love. Light pink with white furniture and a gorgeous accent – colorful picture frames and a green lamp. This is a very interesting combination. Pink has always been great with yellow. Use yellow cushions and sheets, curtains or yellow texture for some of the furniture. You can never go wrong with that combination especially if you use light pink. Earth tones go wonderful with a lighter pink shade. Use beige, light green and brown to complement the pink interior setting. You can do that with the textures of the furniture – the cradle and the armchair beside the bed or the curtains and the wall paper. Experimenting will definitely give you wider perspective as to how exactly you want your baby girl’s room to look.

 Fantastic girls room pink decor

exclusive chic girls bedroom pink decor

Lovely pink-white stripes wallpaper design idea

lovely pink white stripes wallpaper design

Fairytale inspired girls room design

lovely pink fairytale disneyinspired interior

Incredibly lovely girls bedroom decor

lovely fairytale girls bedroom design idea

The flower-flooring only compliments this lovely pink interior

creative girls bedroom design solution

Creative, white-pink chic teenage girl interior

compact area pink decor girls bedroom design solution

Wonderful clean interior solution for a little girl 

chic girls bedroom design idea

This lovely pink bedroom is every girl’s dream 

bright pink girls bedroom design

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